Greener Living

Lead a more sustainable lifestyle with these eco-friendly apps.

By Roland Quek      10 March 2020

Part of going green, is knowing where to start. However, this can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. This is where your smartphone comes in.

These handy apps make living a greener life so much easier. From tracking CO2 to surplus food management, there really is an app for everything!


This app aims to help people lead a more carbon-conscious lifestyle by letting them monitor their carbon footprint based on their daily modes of transportation. A consumer app designed to help people transform from ‘Climate Worriers’ to ‘Climate Warriors’, Capture enables its users to automatically track CO2 emissions from everyday mobility choices to calculate emissions based on average CO2 per-minute figures. One of its highlights is that it lets you offset your emissions through verified carbon-offsetting projects that are focused on trees – protecting, regenerating or planting new forests.


This is a shopping-aid app that provides consumers with more information on up to 75,000 household and personal care products. Backed by its team of chemists, toxicologists and regulatory experts, GoodGuide analyses product ingredient information to rate products. By scanning or searching a product on the app, you can ascertain which items are most green or environmentally friendly based on a score of 1 to 10.


Founded in Singapore, Resq (pronounced “rescue”) is an app for e-waste recycling for businesses in Singapore. Operational since mid-2019, this is a free service for companies who want to recycle their e-waste responsibly: Businesses simply need to make a request online for waste collection. The app also has a data destruction service for businesses that want to securely dispose of confidential electronic data (hard disks). To date, it has already helped to facilitate e-waste collections from various companies, including a petrochemical company on Jurong Island.


Partnering over 30,000 brands, this app is one of the world’s largest online fashion consignment and thrift stores, and lets you make a positive environmental impact through the resale apparel market. It lets you buy and sell second-hand clothing, which results in less waste, and was most recently updated with a new tool – Fashion Footprint Calculator – that identifies your personal fashion footprint.


Singapore’s first mobile reservation platform that connects businesses with surplus food to everyday consumers, Treatsure is an e-platform that aims to reallocate “excess food” to people, minimising food wastage. Users can savour grub from hotels with cost savings of up to 60 per cent off regular prices. Some of its partnering merchants include Grand Hyatt Singapore, Fairmont Singapore and Hotel Jen. The app also has a surplus grocery service, with both delivery and self-pick-up options.