Good Night, Sleep Tight, Get Your Bed Right

5 mattresses that will give you your much-needed Zzzs.

By Chris Ong        20 October 2021

Regardless if you’re a sleeping beauty who can feel a single pea while lying under the sheets or a resting beau who needs a bed as firm or as soft as his bod, there is one thing that all of us sleepyheads agree on: A great mattress is a must for a good night’s sleep.

Let’s get real – we all spend a good third of the day lying on our beds, or even more if we have been working/resting more at home these days. And, since how awake we feel in the day is inextricably linked to how well we sleep at night, it makes sense to make sure we have a mattress that’s not only comfy, but also provides proper support for our body so we don’t wake up all achy-breaky.

So, time to put that old, smelly bed of yours to rest and invest in these better mattresses to get you snoozing like the babe that you ought to be. (Also, read up on these tips to help ease you into dreamland faster!)


1. SleepMatics Astra Light Luxury Mattress, from $880

Photo: Luxury Mattress Gallery

Want to try something that’s lesser known but well-made? Then pick this one from Australian company SleepMatics. Founded by a personal trainer from Adelaide, the brand’s all about providing comfortable sleep with holistic health support.

By support, it means this, the Astra Light mattress that’s made to suit the needs of most sleepers. And, what support it provides: The mattress is put together with its signature combination of 3-zoned pocketed DuraCoil Heat Treated Metal Alloy spring coils, EU Foam and therapeutic-texture, Latex-feel foam.

Topped with an anti-bacteria and anti-mite cover, and lumbar zone-enforced quilting, it’s an equally good (if not better) alternative to those from other popular brands.



2. Van Vorst Corerhythm 352 Luxury Mattress, from $2,180

Photo: Luxury Mattress Gallery

Here’s another brand that might lend you that extra comfy dimension you need for a sound sleep. The Van Vorst company has been around since 1888, so its mattress-makers know about building proper bedding through all-American craftsmanship, design, quality and innovation.

This one’s proof of its heritage-backed greatness. The Van Vorst Corerhythm 352 comes with a superior 3-inch pillow top above the body base and is fitted with Biorytmic Sleep Fabric Cover tech, that is said to help with reducing stress, improving body conditioning and mechanical balance, and bringing about better energy, freshness and concentration when we awake.

What else is in this world-class mattress: Ecolatex and high-density foam, as well as heat tempered pocketed spring system and advance core springs, so you get that extra luxe, firm yet soft feels as you snooze away.


The Sleepmatics Astra Light Luxury Mattress are available at Luxury Mattress Gallery.

Luxury Mattress Gallery,  44 Kallang Place, #05-14, Four Star Building, 339172, https://lmg.com.sg; www.facebook.com/LuxuryMattressGallerySg; www.instagram.com/luxurymattressgallerysg

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3. HÖVÅG mattress, from $499

Photo: IKEA

If you’re a real fan of IKEA or want a home all done up with stuff from the popular home furnishings retail giant, might as well complete your bedroom collection with a mattress made by this ever-popular furniture maker.

Choose this one, priced at the sweet spot between the highest- and lowest-priced ones in IKEA’s mattress collection. Designed by Synnöve Mork, this dark grey pocket-sprung mattress costs $499 for a 150 cm by 200cm version with a thickness of 24cm (it is available in 3 other sizes for various prices); comes in either a firm or extra firm option; and is made with 190 pocket springs per square metre and a mix of polyester and cotton, making it firm and comfy enough for most people.

Other pluses: It’s got a lengthy 25-year guarantee, and is roll-packed and light enough to be your cash-and-carry “beddy buy” to bring home instantly.


Available at IKEA, multiple locations, www.ikea.com/sg; www.facebook.com/IKEASingapore; www.instagram.com/ikeasingapore


4. Haylee Mattress, from $699

Photo: Haylee

A mattress maker that champions its one-and-only product? Then, the mattress must be good. And, since this one is made by an SG-grown company, it’s also good to support local.

About Haylee: A team of experts who “have studied Singapore’s Mattress Market for 10 years, observing over 560,000 mattress viewings by 54,000 mattress buyers and collecting feedback from over 33,000 mattress owners”, and “tested over 100 combinations of materials and layers to find the perfect middle ground matttress for Singapore”. Meaning, these peeps know all about sleep for us SG folk.

So, what about the mattress? It’s got the so-called ideal 6/10 firmness, and is designed with its proprietary Haylee AeroFlo Foam that has AeroFlo perforated vents that help with air flow and circulation. Added on is a layer of its Haylee Cool Gel Memory Foam that aids in further reducing temperatures and minimising motion transfer, while also giving you support that’s at once gentle and firm.

Still unsure? Best to pick one (from 4 available sizes) and try with the company’s 100-Night Sleep Trail option to see if it’s a “Hey, Hi!” or “Buy, Bye!” to a Haylee mattress.


Available at Haylee, 5 Toh Guah Road East, #05-01, 608831, https://haylee.sg; www.facebook.com/hayleemattress; www.instagram.com/hayleemattress


5. King Koil World Edition Perfection Pocketed Spring Mattress, from $1,899

Photo: SleepWell.sg

Sleep is the one luxury you are willing to splurge one? Then settle for no less than one suited for royalty from the aptly-named (and chiropractor-tested) King Koil.

From a princely sum of $1, 899 for a single to a royal sum of $3 659 for a king-size, whichever treasure that you pick will definitely yield your money’s worth of Zzzs. You get King Koil’s specialised signature 5-Zone Spring System with heavy gauge barrel-shaped springs that give better support and resilience; its advanced Turn Free Technology so there’s less need to flip it over; and visco elastic memory foam and King Koil Micro-Gel that provide cooling comfort so you don’t wake up in sweat in the middle of the night.

Extra “gems” that come with your imperial purchase: A King Koil Luxury pillow (or two, depending which size you get) and a PAB Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protector.


Available at SleepWell.SG, www.sleepwell.sg