Going The Extra Mile – What It Takes To Excel In Customer Service

We chat with Sri Murni Moonshi Nasiruddin, SAFRA Senior Customer Services Officer, on her award-winning approach to work.

By Olivia Lim        31 May 2022

Ever wondered what it’s like for the customer service officer who serves you at the SAFRA clubhouse reception counter? Aside from the day-to-day assisting customers with their enquiries, incidents sometimes occur which require them to think on their feet and react efficiently.

And this is what happened to Sri Murni Moonshi Nasiruddin, a Senior Customer Services Officer (CSO) at SAFRA Jurong. Her quick and compassionate reaction to a customer in need resulted in her being nominated for and awarded the SHA Outstanding Star 2021 Award for the Non-Hotel Sector, for going above and beyond in her line of work. The annual award for the hospitality industry, organised by the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA), honoured 2,821 winners from 134 companies.

We catch up with Sri Murni on what she did to win the award, why she loves being a CSO, and how she feels about winning.

Q: How long have you been working at SAFRA Jurong?

Murni: I have been working as a Customer Services Officer here for almost 12 years and I’ve been in the senior role for about seven years now.

Q: Can you describe for us a day in your life at work?

Murni: I will start my day by making sure that all the switches are on at the counter, check if any forms or flyers need to be replenished, and that the surroundings are clean before we welcome any customers. Then, my workday will consist of greeting customers who come to the counter, assisting customers in processing membership applications, signing up for events and courses and booking of facilities, issuing vouchers and gifts, and answering phone calls. Along the way, I will do some paperwork, housekeeping and email my team on any new updates. When my shift ends, I do a proper handover and explain anything that needs to be followed up on to make sure there is no lapse in our service.

Q: What is your favourite part of the job?

Murni: Meeting people from all walks of life and getting to know my customers. As most of my customers are regulars, I believe that by appreciating repeat customers and remembering their names makes them feel like VIPs. When we bond with them this way, our relationship turns into a friendship, and the communication and interaction becomes easier. And they will leave the club with good memories.

Q: Can you tell us more about what happened on the day that you helped the mother and her two children – which led to you winning the award?

Murni: I was at the CSO counter when I suddenly heard a baby wailing. I looked up and saw a mother attending to her two children, a toddler and an infant, and I could see she was trying to manage. I approached her asking if she needed any help and she asked for the nursing room. She was kind of struggling with the baby, trying to grab the toddlers hand while pushing the pram. I offered to help her to push the pram while leading her to the nursing room, then offered to take care of the toddler while she tended to the baby. She agreed and sounded relieved.

I brought the toddler over to my counter and sat her down, chatted with her to make her comfortable and showed her cartoons on my phone to keep her occupied. I also gave her a soft toy that I had in my office. The child was pretty happy to receive it.

After about 20 minutes, the mother came out from the nursing room and approached my counter, and thanked me a few times. I reassured her that it’s fine and that I’m more than happy to be able to offer my help in her time of need.

As a proud mother of three myself, I understand the challenges parents face and will step in to lend my assistance to them whenever I can.

Q: How do you feel about winning the award?

Murni: I feel honoured and happy and I am grateful to SAFRA, my fantastic team, my family and my role models that have guided me and given me the opportunity to grow and be where I am today.

Q: Can you share about the CSO team at SAFRA Jurong and how you work together to help customers?

Murni: I have a fantastic team who respect one another. We have strong teamwork and a great mutual understanding.

We will always help each other out while serving customers, for instance while one staff is serving a customer, the other staff will help out by preparing the forms or gift to expedite the process. Or when a customer has some queries about an event, we will work together to provide an answer to the customers as much as we can.

And sometimes when a staff is on leave, we will help to follow up on the job so that it will not be delayed.

Q: What qualities do you think a good CSO should have?

Murni: Just be yourself, be genuine and treat every customer like a VIP. Anticipate their needs and be proactive. Maintain a positive attitude and smile through your eyes as customers can feel that you are sincere this way.

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