Going For Gold

National swimmer Pang Sheng Jun believes that talent is no substitute for hard work.

By Edmund Wee      1 September 2019

How important is charity to society?

It makes the world a happier place, really. Sometimes people are not where they want to be by choice. And sometimes people were made for so much more but didn’t have an equal opportunity to go for their aspirations. So, charity can help provide assistance and give them an opportunity to live a normal life again and chase their dreams and aspirations.

Tell us a memorable experience you had as a member of the national swim team.

A tradition we have at the SEA Games would be a “welcome initiation” for first-timers. During meals at the Games Village, they would have to stand on a chair at the dining hall and yell out their name, NRIC, and shout at the top of their voice how they’re proud to be part of the Singapore swim team.

Picture this: The dining hall is about the size of a football field, and it’s usually filled with many Southeast Asian athletes. For me, getting initiated this way in 2009, I still remember feeling a strong sense of national pride.


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