Going For Gold

National swimmer Pang Sheng Jun believes that talent is no substitute for hard work.

By Edmund Wee      1 September 2019

You recently suffered an elbow injury. How did you overcome this difficult period?

My elbow fracture kept me out of swimming for eight weeks. There were times when I felt like it may be a career-ending injury. However, I took it a day at a time and approached it positively, as I loved swimming too much to let it go just yet.

Even though I lost a lot of muscle mass on my right arm, I never gave up hope and just focused on how I could be a better version of myself before the 2019 SEA Games trials. I think what really helped me most was to focus on my progress instead of comparing myself to others, and also readjusting my goals accordingly.

Tell us how you came to participate in Swim for Hope.

I came to know about it through the Singapore Swimming Association and knowing that doing something I love can benefit four charitable companies [Aquatics Heart and Hope, Singapore Disability Sports Council, Rainbow Centre Singapore, and Singapore Armed Forces], I joined without hesitation. The effort from everyone – accumulated from back in 2017 – produced 210,901 laps swum. This goes to show that every little good deed everyone does actually goes a long way.


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