Get Organised! 3 Useful Photo Apps For Your Holiday Pics

Get inspired to travel again by sorting out your best photos.

By Rachel AJ Lee      17 February 2021

Covid-19 has been an absolute downer for travel, with many of us yearning to take a plane, train or boat freely again. While we wait for vaccinations and countries around the world to get the virus under control, how about spending some of this downtime to trawl through your pile of old travel snaps, organise them, and perhaps even publish them?

Google Photos

Arguably one of the best apps to manage photos, Google Photos is an efficient and user-friendly cloud-based programme for backing up photos to. The app can be set to automatically back up and sync photos by date, allows creation of albums and slideshows, and is easy to share with others.

Google Photos doesn’t just boast facial recognition, but also photo contents. Say if you’re looking for a specific photo, a plate of hummus you had in Turkey, you can effortlessly locate it by searching for “hummus”. No more mindless scrolling through hundreds of images to find that one photo.

However, starting June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos backed up in High quality and Express quality will count toward the free 15GB of storage that comes with your Google account or any additional storage you may have purchased. Photos prior to this date are exempt from this change.

Also on June 1, 2021, Google will be launching a new storage management tool which will help you easily find and delete dark, blurry, and otherwise unwanted content.


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