Fast & Furious Fried Chicken!

Check in at these 3 casual dining Halal-certified resto chains that serve up quick and tasty battered poultry.

By Chris Ong      12 August 2021

While you are sorting out your dining out schedules, make sure to pencil in a time and space for some fried chicken from a fast food joint. It’s easy and speedy to order and eat, yummy and affordable, plus it’s a fave with most meat-eaters. Why not try Korean, American and Asian-by-way-NY offerings from other as-popular fried chicken specialists? The 3 listed here will definitely satisfy, especially as there are discounts to be had for SAFRA members.

Photo: NeNe Chicken

NeNe Chicken

As with everything that’s Korean that’s bound to be popular here in SG, so goes the same for the country’s fried chicken. Which explains for how NeNe Chicken has become both an OG and a mainstay for Korean fried chicken since it arrived here on our shores in 2012. With some 1000-plus stores in South Korea after its founding in 1999; a name that positively spells out its love for serving the dish, “Yes, Yes, Chicken” (“Ne” in Korean means “Yes”); and its batter-dip process where the oil does not seep into the meat, keeping it juicy with a crispy batter; it’s no wonder the success of NeNe Chicken continues along with the Hallyu Wave.

The pecking order:

There are enough variations here to make fried chicken lovers crow with delight. From its Signature Fried Chicken range, try the original (from $7.50 for 2 pieces), just so you can try a sauce (1 sauce for up to 12 pieces; 2 sauces for 16 pieces and above). Choose from Double Freaking Hot, Snowing Curry Cheese, Swicy, and more. Or, if you want a signature dish that already comes flavoured, the Bulgogi Wings & Sticks (from $19.50 for 12 pieces, without a sauce) is its chef’s kiss. Prefer a little vege to balance out all that meat? Then opt for its salads ($8.90 each) that come with carrots, corn, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, and dressed with roasted sesame sauce. But, if it’s a messy and sticky affair you want (otherwise, dining out ain’t fun), then take on its Cheese Pull Chicken Hotplate (from $15.90), that serves either crispy or coated chicken on a hot bed of gooey cheese, with curly fries for added guilt.


NeNe Chicken, multiple locations, www.nenechicken.com.sg; www.facebook.com/nenechickensingapore; www.instagram.com/nenechickensg

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Photo: Wingstop


If you like your chicken done up like American-style buffalo wings (wingettes and drumlets, usually un-breaded, deep-fried and seasoned with sauces), then stop by Wingstop. Why you should: Wingstop’s got more than 1, 500 restos located around the globe from Panama to the UAE since it opened in Garland, Texas in 1994; is one of America’s top-rated chicken wing chains; and has been in town since 2013. Meaning, it’s all-American, popular as heck (it has 11 outlets in SG) and serves up “wings [that] are high-key slap”.

The pecking order:

First, you need to decide on the flavour you want your chicken to be seasoned in. Pick from 9 signature ones: Inferno is the hottest (it’s rated 5 flames out of 5); the sweet and savoury Mango Habenero brings in the heat at 4 flames; and Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce with chilli flakes) comes in third with 3 flames. Otherwise, the Lousiana Rub (crispy, Cajun spiced dry rub) and Garlic Parmesan (a garlick-y and buttery dry rub) are its most popular flavours. Once you’re done choosing your kick, then pick its 6-, 8-, 14- or 21-piece Classic Wings, Boneless Wings or Hand-breaded Wings combos (from $11.45) that come with at least a choice of 2 flavours, 1 regular side (choose from 4 kinds of fries, mushroom fritters, quinoa rice and more), 1 dip (ranch or jalapeño cheese) and 1 bottled drink. Or, if you have a big flock with a peep of baby chicks to feed, then big-up with its Big Night In Bundles ($52.95 for 4 to 5 pax; $82.95 for 7 to 8 pax) that come with a variety of Classic Wings, Boneless Wings, Tenders, sides and dips, so everyone can eat till they “chick-ba-boom”.


Wingstop, multiple locations, www.wingstop.com.sg; www.facebook.com/wingstopsg; www.instagram.com/wingstopsg

BONUS: SAFRA members enjoy an upgrade from Regular Fries to Curly Fries or Louisiana Voodoo Fries (for $1) or to Mushroom Fritters (for $2) with any combo purchased; or 6-piece à la carte Boneless Wings at $5.60 (U.P. $7.45) at Wingstop. Click here and here, respectively, for more information.

Photo: 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken

The 101 on 4FINGERS (as it’s more widely known as): It’s a Singaporean multinational restaurant chain serving up Asian-style crispy chicken by way of “New York City’s grungy subway scene” (as the story goes); opened in ION Orchard in 2009; and now has more than 20 stores spread across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. And, by “Asian-style crispy chicken”, the resto means fried crispy chicken hand-brushed with naturally fermented soy sauces (think soy beans, natural herbs and spices and 5 months of sunshine).

The pecking order:

While the choice of sauces is kept simple, the fried chicken comes in manifold permutations. For its Signature Crispy Chicken, you can pick wingettes, drumettes or drumsticks (from $8.45; available à la carte, or as a combo with at least 1 drink and 1 serving of plain, kimchi or seaweed fries); if your large brood is crazy over fried chicken, then the 150-piece wingettes and drumettes (à la carte) meal should more than suffice. Under the Chicken Delights section, there’s Chicken Chop, Katsu Sandwich, B.F.F burger and Chicken Bites (from $7.95; available à la carte or as a combo). Want more? There are also rice boxes (from $6.45), salads (from $7.45) and even seafood offerings such as Battered Shrimp and Calamari (from $7.95). Or, try its latest Signature Remix meals, that serve its Classic or QuarterCrisp Chicken alongside drummettes and wingettes (from $10.95); more chicken for the win, we say.


4FINGERS Crispy Chicken, multiple locations, www.4fingers.com.sg; www.facebook.com/gimme4fingers; www.instagram.com/Gimme4FINGERS

BONUS: SAFRA members enjoy 10% off total bill or free 2 pieces of Wingettes (worth $2) with every combo meal purchase at 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken. Click here and here, respectively, for more information.