Best SAFRA Food Deals – Eat To Your Heart’s Content

Prepare to feast with these 9 deals, perfect for all you foodies!

By Tieffany Freya        2 November 2022

No matter where you come from, food will always be the one constant thing that brings everyone together. After all, who can resist a big plate of yummy food?

So while we might all come from different places and have varying taste preferences, these 9 deals will surely satisfy any cravings you have.

Also, here’s a life hack: for even more foodie deals, remember to activate your complimentary 1-year SAFRA membership for members-only deals!

Princess Terrace Authentic Penang Cuisine

Want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city?

Renowned for serving Singapore’s Best Penang Buffet since the early 1970s, Princess Terrace restaurant serves a mouth-watering spread featuring authentic Penang delicacies prepared using fine ingredients and traditional cooking methods that transport you to a cultural food haven, especially when paired with its cosy and nostalgic ambience.

So prep your stomachs and get ready for a feast as Princess Terrace restaurant is offering a 15% discount off their buffets up till 30 Dec 2023 for all NSmen and SAFRA members.

Copthorne King’s Hotel, 403 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169632

Eatzi Gourmet Steakhouse & Bistro

Committed to serving quality food and creating memorable dining experiences in a cheerful and cosy environment for guests, Eatzi’s Gourmet Steakhouse & Bistro is a great spot to go to for an impromptu date night or a family outing with the little ones!

Enjoy the flavourful taste of classic western dishes like tender steak or chargrilled chicken chops with a selection of sides to choose from.

You can use $50 of your NS55 credits to receive a $10 return voucher at Eatzi’s Gourmet Steakhouse & Bistro at SAFRA Yishun!

SAFRA Yishun, 60 Yishun Avenue 4,#01-01, Singapore 769027

Tien Court Restaurant

Often described as Singapore’s best “undiscovered” Chinese restaurant, The Court boasts Hong Kong’s award-winning Masterchef Lui, who will take you on a refined culinary journey, embracing the distinctive flavours of Teochew and Cantonese cuisines.

Enjoy the carefully curated selection of dim sum infused with Cantonese-Teochew flavours or hearty dishes like the Teochew ‘Puning’ Fermented Bean Chicken, Teochew Poached Crispy Rice, Teochew-style Chilled Crab, Oyster Omelette, Braised 6-head Abalone with Goose Web, and more!

So hurry down and enjoy these delicacies for 15% off the à-la-carte menu for all NSmen and SAFRA members, now till 30 Dec 2023 at the Tien Court Restaurant!

Copthorne King’s Hotel, 403 Havelock Road, Singapore 169632

Huo Guo Kung Fu

Looking for the vibrancy of Chinese cuisine but with a twist of local flair? Well, Huo Guo Kung Fu is the restaurant for you.

A Sichuan-style hotpot restaurant with a wide selection of soup bases to choose from, such as Mala, Tomato, Tomyum Collagen, and Cordyceps Chicken.

But a hotpot is not all they serve! With tasty traditional Sichuan dishes like their signature Chong Qing Grilled Fish and deep fried Spicy Chicken Cubes, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different dishes and satisfy your hunger cravings.

Here’s the best part, all NSmen and SAFRA members can enjoy 10% off non-promotional items from now till 30 June 2023 at Huo Guo Kung Fu at SAFRA Punggol!

SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Cresent, #02-05, Singapore 828654

Jack’s Place

A classic Western-styled family restaurant, Jack’s Place is known for its homey ambience and tender, sizzling steaks, usually paired with delicious sides like their baked potatoes topped with sour cream, spring onions, and fried shallots for the perfect combo.

A trusted favourite for family and friends, Jack’s Place is the go-to restaurant for celebrations, dates, or just a night out with friends!

Ready to dig in and enjoy some quality time with friends and family? If you’re an NSman, you’ll enjoy a $10 return voucher when you use $50 NS55 Credits from now till 30 June 2023!

SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Cresent, #01-01, Singapore 828654

SAFRA Jurong, 333 Boon Lay Way, #2A-01, Singapore 649848

SaVanh Bistro & Lounge

SaVanh Bistro & Lounge offers the diverse culinary tastes of Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian cuisines in a contemporary and sleek interior.

With a beautiful selection of appetizers, salads, home-brewed soup, staples, and more, The SaVanh Bistro & Lounge will be an experience for the taste buds that cannot be missed.

Located along Club Street, this quaint yet modern bistro provides the perfect venue where diners can enjoy traditionally prepared dishes that will surely deliver a memorable dining experience and gastronomic indulgence.

A must-try recommendation from the bistro itself is their Bó La Lot, which is grilled beef in wild betel leaves, and Gói Cuôn, Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls.

Prepare for your tastebuds to be blown away with authentic and classic flavours. All NSmen enjoy 15% off food items (regular-priced) from now till 30 June 2023!

47 Club Street, Singapore 069424


What’s better than wings packed with flavour and fried fresh to order?

Wingstop has been serving finger-licking wings since their beginnings in Garland, Texas, and with 12 different flavours to choose from, including Louisiana rub and Garlic Parmesan, you can customise your classic wings or boneless chicken thighs!

Of course, what’s a meal without some sides? Wingstop offers a variety of sides to choose from, from the classic French fries to delicious and crispy mushroom fritters.

So get ready to fly as you enjoy a 10% storewide discount when you use your NS55 credits  from now till 30 June 2023!

SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Cresent, Singapore 828654

Playma WTF by IndoChine de

Offering some of the best dishes from various continents, ranging from Sliders of South America and Grass-fed Beef Carpaccio of Italy, all the way to Skewers of Asia, #WTF is the perfect place for a chill hangout with friends as you have a few casual drinks, a good meal or a quick bite at any time of the day.

Located along Club Street, #WTF provides affordable tapas along with wines and liquors, all while you enjoy the ambience of the place, filled with natural decor such as plants and wooden racks.

A must try recommendation from #WTF themselves is the #WTF Platter, Smoked Duck & Truffle Mushroom, Skewers, Smoked Duck & Pineapple Salsa, and a lot more.

Sit back and relax with your friends as NSmen enjoy 15% off food items (regular-priced) from now till 30 Jun 2023 at Playma WTF by IndoChine de!

49 Club Street, Singapore 069426

Pizza Hut

Looking for pizza that’s piping hot and loaded with your favourite toppings and melty cheese?

Pizza Hut has been the stalwart of pizza around the globe since its beginnings in 1958 and has remained a fan favourite, especially when the midnight munchies come around. With a diverse range of flavours and toppings, including local delights like their curry chicken pizza, you can never get tired of dining at Pizza Hut.

So enjoy the soft, pillowy texture of a large pizza, your choice of flavour and warm gooey cheese and 2 sides when you flash your NS55 credits on your LifeSG app for this NS55 Bundle for only $17.90 (U.P. $46.60) at Pizza Hut at SAFRA Punggol.

SAFRA members and affiliated members can also enjoy 10% off.

SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Cresent, #02-01, Singapore 828654.