Face It: Why A Skincare Routine Is Necessary For Men

Cop these six skincare tips that won’t take up much time, and will leave you looking neat and well-groomed.

By Amanda Tan        27 April 2022

Whether youre preparing for a special event or a job interview, looking immaculately groomed and well kept is a must.

In addition to focusing on things like finding the right outfit or padding up your resume, getting your skincare routine straight, should be another to-do on your checklist.

Now, before you protest and declare that a skincare routine is something reserved for women, think again. Your face is one of the first things people notice, and caring for your skin is one way to ensure youll leave a good first impression with others.

Heres how to get started.

1. Cleanse daily

This is the first and most basic step in your routine. After all, you dont want to be leaving your house with grubby, gunky and oily skin. While soap and water may do the job, youll want something thats formulated to tackle your specific skin needs. A good cleanse will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean, and ready for the next step. To choose a cleanser, youll first have to determine your skin type – is it oily, dry, combination (which is a mix of dry and oily skin) or sensitive? That way, youll know what to look out for. Know this: a good cleanser will leave your face feeling refreshed, clean, and without it feeling tight or dry.

2. Moisturise daily


If youve got dry skin, using a moisturiser is a no-brainer, especially since dry skin may accelerate and accentuate wrinkles. However, if youre like most of the male population where youve got oilier and thicker skin compared to womens skin, moisturising is still a must. Why, you ask? Skipping moisturiser altogether can dry out the skin and cause an increase in oil production, making your skin feel even oilier. Should your skin be on the oilier end, youll want to opt for a gel-like moisturiser that hydrates without leaving you feeling sticky. A moisturiser with ingredients that help control oil as well as acne will also be useful. Moisturiser should be applied right after cleansing while your skin is still slightly damp, to maximise absorption.

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3. Eye cream

Before you get spooked, consider this: you dont want to look haggard and older than you really are with eye bags or dark eye circles. While you can mitigate this by getting enough rest, a good eye cream will also help put off the inevitable aging process.

4. Put on sunscreen daily

One of the ways to look refreshed and youthful is to combat the suns rays with a good sunscreen, especially when were living in sunny Singapore. Over exposure to these rays contribute to signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and sagging, not to mention an increased risk of skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

5. Watch your blade when shaving

If you often find yourself experiencing razor bumps, burns or ingrown hairs, which can lead to skin irritation after shaving, its time to switch up your shaving technique. If you have sensitive skin, shave downwards, or in the natural direction of your beard. You dont want to go against the grain even if itll give you a cleaner shave, as this will give you a higher chance of getting razor burns or ingrown hair.

6. Go for a facial

Even after your regular skincare routine, going for a facial from time to time is a good idea, as itll help you deep cleanse your skin and unclog your pores. A facial will also deal with any breakouts and other skin issues. When deciding on the type of facial treatment, go for one that will address your specific skin concerns. That said, if youre preparing for a big event, try not to book your appointment at the last minute, in case of side effects, or downtime such as irritation and redness. More importantly, look for a location that offers treatments that can address your specific skincare needs.

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