EnergyOne Personal Trainer Shares Workout Tips For The Ladies 

How to get back into the fitness game.

By Sean Yee        11 March 2024

With more than 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor under her belt, including training clients at SAFRA’s EnergyOne gyms, Yong Pei Lin remains dedicated to honing her craft so that her clients can continue to benefit from not just her extensive experience, but also her passion for contemporary fitness developments. 

Beneath her composed and cool demeanour, though, lies a resolve to be her best self for those she loves. “It’s our responsibility to take good care of ourselves so that we remain accountable to the ones we love. And that will require consistency, discipline, and effort on our part,” she shares. 

With the Lunar New Year festivities just behind us, we asked Pei Lin for her input on some burning fitness questions that our female readers may have, so that they can return to the fray after weeks of delicious treats, hearty steamboat sessions and well-deserved breaks!

EnergyOne Personal Trainer Pei Lin with gym trainee using battle ropes
Pei Lin (left) with a gym trainee using Battling Ropes.

“It’s hard not to feel self-conscious after a long hiatus in my exercise routine. How do I get my momentum back?”

Pei Lin shares that it is perfectly normal to feel like you have lost your fitness ‘mojo’ after a break from working out. She says that you should take small steps. 

“Be sure to pace yourself out and dedicate more time for rest in between sets,” she stresses. Familiarity can also be your best asset. Starting with exercises or routines that you already know will help accelerate the assimilation process, while acting as a great starting point where you can only progress upwards. 

For beginners, Pei Lin recommends workouts centred around cardio. At the E1 gyms, there are dedicated lanes with treadmills and stair machines to help you kickstart your fitness pursuits. 

Ultimately, consistency is the name of the game if you’re looking to cultivate a long-standing fitness regime. “It really is like a skincare routine! Sticking to a daily schedule helps ground us in a healthy pattern that will gradually mature into a way of life. And don’t worry – results naturally accompany consistency,” she shares. 

“I like to think that I’m proactive with my fitness routine! I run every day with the occasional HIIT set. How do I progress from there?”

Pei Lin says, “The best thing about a fitness routine is just how flexible it is. You can enhance your daily runs or workouts with unique infusions to keep the workouts exciting and fresh!”

Here are some of Pei Lin’s recommended exercises for a full-body workout:  

  • Body Weight Squats 
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Hyper Extensions 
  • Crunches
  • Push Ups

“You can experiment with various gym equipment so that you can safely perform strength training routines you couldn’t otherwise perform at home. Begin with free weights like dumbbells or a barbell. And make sure to end off your set with a 30-minute cardio session using the treadmill,” she adds. 

EnergyOne Personal Trainer Pei Lin

“Do you think it’s wise to just focus on toning without building muscles?”

“These two concepts actually go hand in hand,” says Pei Lin.

“Toning essentially allows us to look good in whatever we wear; whereas building muscles helps us not just look good, but also support our joints,” she explains. 

EnergyOne Personal Trainer Pei Lin

“I’m clueless at the gym. Where do I even begin?”

Pei Lin recommends three key workouts that are effective, yet easy, to execute: the Standing Shoulder Press, Bent Over Row and Kettlebell Lunges. See how it’s done in this video:

Standing Shoulder Press: Not only does it strengthen your upper body, but it also utilises your core to stabilise your elbows, wrists, and shoulders. Do it long enough, and you’ll see an improvement in your balance and posture.

Bent Over Row: Versatile and very effective, Bent Over Rows toughen your back muscles and biceps. By incorporating this compound exercise into your workout routine, you can enjoy improved muscle growth, better posture, and enhanced core stability.

Kettlebell Lunges: This lunge variant expands on your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps to enhance your core stability, hip flexibility, and metabolism. 

In addition, she also stresses the importance of staying hydrated throughout your workout session. Perhaps you could even bring along a friend to work out with, or provide words of encouragement! 

If you’re still unsure, E1 has a professional team of personal trainers like Pei Lin who are excited to be part of your fitness journey! They will help you with workout routines that are kept simple so that you don’t overstretch yourself, and keep your routines consistent with your fitness goals and desired workout experience. If anything, it’s always nice to have a friendly face in the midst of the flurry that is common in any gym! 

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