Earth-Friendly Gadgets

With environmental concerns, it’s prudent to consider tech gadgets as more than just toys. Here are some eco-oriented products that are also friendlier to the environment.

By Alfred Siew        6 March 2019

Anker 21w Dual Usb Solar Charger

Stay connected with a portable solar charger that can juice up two of your devices at the same time. One for the road or at home, this Anker gadget can charge up to 2.1 amps under direct sunlight. With a foldable design, it is compact and convenient to carry around, even on a trek. US$46.99 ($64.40)

Lunar Smartwatch

Strap on a smartwatch that uses the power of the sun to keep track of time as well as all your app notifications. The LunaR, touted as a “transparent” solar smartwatch, doesn’t have an ugly panel to collect light energy. It looks like any sleek watch, except it only needs an hour in the sun each day to keep going. US$224.25 ($307.29)

Philips Hue White And Colour Wireless Ambiance Starter Kit

LED lights use less energy to illuminate a room than regular ones, so it’s time to switch to the energy-efficient option. Pick up a Philips Hue smart lighting starter kit to save more energy by setting up app controls for the lights – from customising turn-off times to controlling the lights when you are away from home. You can even adjust and tune the colour of the light desired, or even sync with your music, movies and games. $216.75

Ibamboo Speaker

Play music through your iPhone from a naturally made speaker that requires no electricity. The iBamboo comes with an open-ended piece of bamboo specially cut to amplify the sounds from your smartphone. All you need to do is to slot in your Apple gadget. $35.34

Ambi Climate

How often has your air-con seemed too cold or too warm? Plug in an Ambi Climate smart controller and let artificial intelligence do the job of regulating the temperature. Using smart sensors and data collected over time, it reduces overcooling or overheating, promising energy savings of up to 30 per cent. US$129 ($177) various retailers