Global Eats At SAFRA Tampines

Explore international cuisines at our clubhouse in the East.

By Mandy Lim Beitler        22 October 2021

Just a five-minute walk from Tampines West MRT station, SAFRA Tampines is a surprising treasure trove of dining outlets boasting a range of cuisines from around the world.

Gin Khao Sino-Thai

Photos: ginkhao.com.sg

Bringing the best of both Chinese and Thai flavours to the table, Gin Khao Sino-Thai serves Sino-Thai cuisine in a casual, family-friendly setting. You can look forward to healthful dishes that rely on fresh ingredients and wok mastery to bring out a delicate balance of sweet, savoury, sour and spicy flavours.

Must-tries include Watermelon Crab Meat Fried Rice served in Watermelon Husk, Sautéed Squid with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce, and Steamed Seabass with Thai Seafood Sauce. Families can also order Bundle Meals starting at $20 for two to three diners, which let you mix and match your choice of dishes. There is also the Express Menu for a quick lunch or dinner at affordable prices.

SAFRA Members enjoy 10% off for dine-in.

#01-K2 SAFRA Tampines, 1/A Tampines Street 92
safra.sg/amenities-offerings/gin-khao-sino-thai; ginkhao.com.sg/sino-thai

Sarpino’s Pizzeria

Photos: Sarpino’s Pizzeria Instagram

For a slice of gourmet yet affordable comfort food, indulge in real Italian flavours at Sarpino’s Pizzeria. Pizza dough is hand-kneaded fresh each day, the way any Italian nonna would, before being topped with 100 per cent mozzarella and edam cheeses, sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes, authentic Italian spices, quality meats and fresh vegetables.

Family members can’t agree on pan crust versus thin crust? Take advantage of an attractive ongoing promotion and settle that debate with one of each. You get two 9-, 12-, and 15-inch pizzas starting from $22, $33, and $44 respectively. Or top up for the oozy goodness of a stuffed crust. Make it a feast with popular sides from chicken wings to cheesy bread.

SAFRA Members and 11b holders enjoy a personal pan pizza and a canned drink from only $5.50.

#01-00B SAFRA Tampines, 1/A Tampines Street 92
safra.sg/amenities-offerings/sarpino’s-pizzeria; sarpinos.sg

Springleaf Prata Place

Photos: Springleaf Prata Place Facebook

For another kind of comfort food featuring hand-tossed dough, take your tastebuds over to Springleaf Prata Place. Before you even have the chance to peek at the extensive menu, expect to be enticed by the aroma of spices, this time of the southern Indian sort. From all manner of thosai and murtabak to briyani and mee goreng, the possibilities and permutations are seemingly limitless.

When in doubt, just go straight for roti prata – there’s good reason it’s called a ‘prata place’, after all. Purists will enjoy the classic plain or egg prata, while serious cheese fanatics should just go for their latest innovation, the Praclette. Yes, it’s the gooey marriage of Swiss raclette and prata stuffed with sautéed onion, shiitake mushroom, black olives, sriracha and turkey ham, and anointed with truffle oil. Enjoy all these at Springleaf’s outlets at SAFRA Tampines, SAFRA Jurong, and SAFRA Yishun.

SAFRA Members enjoy 10% off, while 11B holders get 5% off.

#01-K1 SAFRA Tampines, 1/A Tampines Street 92
safra.sg/amenities-offerings/springleaf-prata-place; spplace.com

Forbidden Tea

Photos: Forbidden Tea Facebook

If you need a Taiwanese bubble tea fix while you’re there, make a beeline for Forbidden Tea. Don’t worry, there’s nothing forbidden about it. In fact, they are happy to customise your drinks with choice of sugar and ice levels, as well as non-dairy alternatives. Popular choices include the highly Instagrammable Jasmine Green Tea Lemonade and Lychee Red Fruit Tea, perfect thirst quenchers on sunny days.

Another fan favourite is the ultra-creamy Mango Fruit Shake with Golden Pearls. All toppings are freshly handmade in-house for the ideal chewiness, and the Orh Nee (yam) pearls are good enough to eat on their own. Not sure if that’s forbidden, though! If you do have the munchies, try the Takoyaki, wraps, spiced drumlets, and other small bites.

SAFRA Members enjoy 10% off.

#01-17 SAFRA Tampines, 1/A Tampines Street 92
safra.sg/amenities-offerings/forbidden-tea; facebook.com/forbiddentea

Renew Deli

Photos: Renew Singapore Facebook

Looking for more substantial yet guilt-free snacks? Settle those cravings with heart-healthy treats at Renew Deli. Avocado is the star of a menu that wouldn’t look out of place in any deli from Sydney to New York, and you’ll find it in categories from soups and salads to sandwiches and smoothies. There are vegetarian and vegan options too, along with acai smoothie bowls and quinoa kaya butter toast – the one ode to its city of birth.

The millennial generation’s staple of smashed avocado on toast tends to be overpriced at most hipster hangouts, but you’ll be glad to know that isn’t the case here. A generous serving of the green goodness on lightly toasted quinoa bread starts at a very humble $3.50. Complete your wholesome snack or light brunch with a coconut latte or iced organic tea.

SAFRA Members enjoy 10% off.

#01-15 SAFRA Tampines, 1/A Tampines Street 92
safra.sg/amenities-offerings/renew-snacks-garage; renew.sg/deli

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

Photos: 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe Facebook

As you probably know, a family-friendly karaoke joint is standard issue at almost every SAFRA clubhouse. But given the current Covid regulations, singing in public is a no-no. Thankfully, 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe places just as much emphasis on dishing out an excellent full-service menu as it does on entertainment. They also welcome you to work-from-cafe with free Wi-Fi and power outlets – do order at least a drink, of course.

Given the choice of good food available, however, you may be hard-pressed to stop at just coffee. Think Garlicky Honey Paprika Wings, Lychee Smoked Duck Pizza, Laksa Pasta, Salted Egg Chicken Waffle, and Egg Lava Beef Burger, just to name a handful of their bestsellers. And leave room for desserts made in-house under Taira Pastry, who are known for delicious fruit and cheese tartlets.

SAFRA Members enjoy 15% off.

#03-02 SAFRA Tampines, 1/A Tampines Street 92
safra.sg/amenities-offerings/7th-heaven-ktv; 7thheavenktvcafe.com

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