Crawl To The Crown

Singapore’s fastest babies made their way to the finish line at the SAFRA Diaper Dash 2019.

      13 November 2019

The Diaper Dash was held in conjunction with My Family Fiesta, which took place on 8 Sep at SAFRA Punggol. Some of the other events on the fun-filled day included aspiring kidz-preneurs, an amazing bazaar and other healthy sports activities.

Families For Life

There has been much discussion on helicopter parenting where parents become overprotective of their child. However, parents need to understand that children are able to work through challenges themselves. Learning to cope with difficult situations and developing resilience are core skills that their kids can pick up. These skills will not only help move them out of their comfort zones, but also lead them towards their long-term goals.

Here are some tips:

1. Let go of the reins

If you are a parent who jumps in on every challenge faced by your child, they will not learn how to manage problems on their own. Let your children learn and develop their own problem-solving skills at their own pace.

2. Have empathy

Emotions can run high when your kids encounter problems. What you can do as a parent is provide guidance to your children while listening to them with empathy and reassurance.

3. Look on the bright side

Optimism and resilience go hand in hand. Acknowledge the challenges faced by your kids. At the same time, guide by sharing with them a fresh, optimistic perspective to situations.

For more tips on spending family time, visit www.familiesforlife.sg.
Brought to you by the Families for Life Council.


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