Common Sense, Where Art Thou?

Singapore has been hosting numerous art and culture festivals for years, but has it done us any good?

By Alywin Chew      16 January 2020

I vividly remember my BMT situational test 20 years ago. The captain who was invigilating told me that one of my section mates was maimed by an imaginary sniper.

“Sniper? Sir, we were never taught what to do in such a scenario,” I said.
“Use your brain, recruit! Return fire and throw smoke grenades!” he yelled.
Bang, bang, bang, bang and off we went. “Erm, sir, we weren’t issued smoke grenades,” I said sheepishly.

So there you go. For three months, I was ordered to follow instructions to a T and not be a smartass. For once, I was told to cosplay my way out of a situation. I detested officers. But as it turned out, I was darn good at the art of “wayang-ing” too. I made it to OCS.


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