Career Switch

Tips on how to make a successful mid-career switch.

By Roland Quek      2 July 2020

Pursue Knowledge

To achieve success in a new career, it is important to learn new knowledge and skills. “Anyone who constantly takes the initiative to better himself will attract employers who will recognise you as an asset for their companies, regardless of the industry,” he said.

A willingness to learn can also help one progress further. Koh, who continually receives training on the latest industry trends at ERA, added: “I still remember those days where I used to be nervous and fearful when presenting to high net worth clients. To overcome this, I brushed up on my knowledge and trained myself to go through mock presentations with friends and my family. The more I practised, the more confident I became, and this is key to success.”

Stay Focused

Doing this and being committed to the goal that you have set for yourself is key to a successful mid-career change. This means avoiding distractions and procrastinating, which can easily derail your plan. He said: “We are often distracted by doing multiple things simultaneously, and in my experience, doing that only gives an illusion of achievement, but it produces only superficial results.”

Take Rejection In Stride

Life is not a bed of roses and everyone has encountered rejection at some point in his or her life. Nevertheless, rejection represents an opportunity to overcome challenges. This shift in perspective can make a world of difference. He explained: “The idea is to constantly move forward and improve rather than dwell on failures. It’s vital to perceive setbacks as the ladder to a successful mid-career change.”

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