Career Switch

Tips on how to make a successful mid-career switch.

By Roland Quek      2 July 2020

A mid-career change might prove to be a challenge for many, but not for Ryner Koh, whose passion saw him pivot to be a successful real estate agent at ERA Realty Network. Few would have guessed that Koh was formerly a captain who served in the Singapore Armed Forces from 1999 to 2011.

“Besides being able to view different types of houses – from HDBs and condominiums to landed properties, both in their original or renovated states – I’m passionate about connecting families with homes that undoubtedly meet their needs,” he said. “For instance, I love being able to assist my clients in upgrading from their existing HDB flat to a private condominium.

Photo credit: Ryner Koh

“Passion and a sense of fulfilment are important factors that drive me to persist with what I’m doing, and to continuously seek selfimprovement so that I can enhance my value to the clients that I serve.” Below are some tips he has for people who want to follow in his footsteps in making a successful mid-career change.

Work Out An Objective

Having enthusiasm in what you do is great, but foremost is to work out an objective. Without a goal, enthusiasm can lead to frustration.

“After leaving the Army at 34, I have been refreshing my aim every day and figuring out which strategy works and which does not,” he said.

“Regarding successful strategies, I build on them. Anyone who wants to make a mid-career change must set out his goal and its purpose. This is a tried and tested method that has worked for me.”

Make A Plan

Key to a successful mid-career change is coming up with a plan and seeing it through.

He recounted: “My plan involved engaging in low-cost methods such as roadshows and telemarketing. Such plans sounded simple, but it required that I let go of my ego and called for plenty of discipline.”

“I would embark on my roadshows twice a day during windows with high traffic: breakfast and dinner. When I’m not doing a roadshow or telemarketing, I’ll be attending ERA seminars and training to hone my skills and mindset.”


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