Calm Yourself With Some Soothing Tech (Part 1)

Relaxation accessories and devices that are handy to use at home, in the office or even when you’re out, for your everyday health and well-being.

By Chris Ong        16 July 2021

Most of us can deal with the usual stresses of modern living – there are loads of entertainment choices, exercise activities, hobbies and other of our own favourite and personal options to chill out when we’re enjoying our break-time at work, off-duty at home or on a day-out. But, it doesn’t hurt to turn to some fancy gadgets and accessories just to make our daily lives that much easier and chillaxed, not when they can bring about all kinds of pleasure and relaxation to ease our tense bodies and anxious minds. Try these 4 here to start feeling like butter and melt away, every day.

 Look out for Part 2, where we feature a futuristic-functional looking massage gun, and a trio of super portable devices for your eyes, feet and the air you breathe.

Lisscode Gymtube Percussion Massager
Photo: Shopee

Gymtube Percussion Massager, $169, Lisscode

If you haven’t been exactly out and about shopping these past few months, you might not know or have come across one of the hottest and most popular gadgets to hit the well-being and relaxation biz in SG retail – percussive massagers or massage guns. Imagine automated handheld devices that look like hairdryers or drills (they do come in all kinds of other designs) that utilise percussive therapy (a massage technique designed to treat soft tissue-related conditions) to deliver rapid pressure strokes, vibrations or pulses to stimulate blood flow, and help relieve muscle soreness, tension and pain.

Now that you know what they are, here’s what exactly to get: the Lisscode Gymtube Percussion Massager. And, here’s a list of whys: It’s compact and light (it weighs just 470 grams) so you can put it in your bag and bring out for anytime you want a spot of massage (like, say, after your gym session or even during a teatime sesh); unlike others in the market, the weight is focussed in the centre of your palm, lessening the stress placed on your wrist so it’s easier to use and you have better control of the device; and comes in an aesthetically-pleasing design and pastel palette (choose from coffee, beige, light mint blue or white). The other tech specs you ought to know: It has four massage head attachments and four adjustable speeds for different kinds of usage and treatments, and uses high-quality long-life Japanese batteries and USB TYPE-C port charging for powering.

Available at Techies store on Shoppee


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The Moments Lab Spotify Acrylic Music Album and Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain 2
Photo: The Moments Lab

Spotify Acrylic Music Album and Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain, $20.90 and $16.90 respectively, The Moments Lab

Okay, these digital devices aren’t traditional ones that help you physically to relax, but are ones that are more for the heart (figuratively speaking) and the mind. Plus, they make such nifty keepsakes and prezzies that we just had to feature them! We know how music and images of your fave moments and loved ones can make for happy memories and feels; the Spotify Acrylic Music Album and Spotify Acrylic Photo Keychain cleverly captures them in durable acrylic glass. Simply upload your fave photo and send The Moments Lab a link to your chosen music (a song for the keychain or an album for the larger photo frame piece) and… that’s it! And don’t worry, the image is imprinted using LED UV printing technology so it’s high-quality and water- and fade-resistant. Once you get them, you can either attach the keychain to your keys or bag, or display the acrylic frame on your desk; press play any time, any day, to listen to your best-liked music and relive your best-life memories with your best-loved ones.

Available at The Moments Lab; www.facebook.com/themomentslabsg; www.instagram.com/themomentslab.sg


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Ostrichpillow Original Napping Pillow
Photo: Red Dot Design Museum Singapore

Original Napping Pillow, $160, Ostrichpillow

If you don’t mind looking like you stuffed your head in a turkey-like plushie, or prioritise sleep and comfort above all else (including some teasing from colleagues and pals), then this invention would be right up your alley. This charming cocoon-like pillow (we think it’s more a sleep accessory) may seem like someone’s idea of a lifestyle novelty, but is actually meant for the serious biz of Zzz-ing. Designed to revolutionise the art of napping, this pillow helps to block out light; provide serious comfort for your neck and noggin with its high-quality viscose and elastomer material and a next-gen coated polystyrene microbead filling; and is multifunctional (you can always use it as a huggable cushion when doing your desk work if you aren’t using it for your forty winks). Whatever the case, it sure makes a cozy companion (or a great fun gift for a forever-dozy co-worker) that will bring on the laughs when it’s actually used as sleeping headgear.

Available at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, 11 Marina Blvd, 018940, museum.red-dot.sg; www.facebook.com/RedDotDesignMuseumSG; www.instagram.com/designmuseumshop


Typo Wireless LED Shower Speaker

Wireless LED Shower Speaker, $29.99, Typo

We cannot overstate how much music can soothe one’s inner beast. But, you don’t have to listen to us, you just need to listen to this. To make your daily body cleansing rituals that bit more of a fun or relaxing me-time affair, try sticking this petite speaker on your glass bathroom door or on your toilet wall tiles (it comes with a suction feature) and let the music play while you do your thing. Sure, you can make do with your mobile phone, but you don’t really want your costly lifeline to be spoiled by suds and water, do you? This affordable and lightweight speaker’s compatible with most smart phones and tech devices, is USB rechargeable, comes with three LED light settings and four coloured designs (cool grey meadow ditsy, pale lilac tie dye, lcn smi smiley outline ydg and the pastel 70s ditsy) on the Typo site.

Available at Typo stores, multiple locations, cottonon.com/SG