Bonus For Tech Fans

The new SAFRA Tech Club will cater to the needs of members with a fascination for gaming and all things tech.

By Yong Shu Chiang      16 March 2018

More than 280 gaming enthusiasts flocked to SAFRA Yishun last August for a two-night “pubstomp” event organised by the SAFRA Tech Club. Not bad for a fledgling interest group that has yet to be officially launched! According to club chairman Donald Yeo, the Tech Club currently in its launch phase is an example of SAFRA listening to members’ feedback and catering to their needs.

Hence the first-ever “pubstomp”, which is a gathering of fans of a particular game to watch exciting tournament matches, usually of international finals. “It has always been my passion to organise events and create something valuable for the communities [within the local gaming scene],” said Donald, who works for an IT startup. “I was elated that SAFRA heard our feedback [to have such an interest group], and that we can cater to NSmen with regard to their tech hobbies and devices at this point in time.”

He added that there are plans for quarterly events, including during the school holidays, for events such as a tech fair, games carnivals, tech workshops and more. Judging by the warm response for last August’s event, called the Dota 2 Pubstomp 2017, it is likely that future Tech Club events will also be well-received by members. Committee member Dennis Ooi has worked in the IT industry for a decade. “I decided to join to be able to serve the community with my experience and knowledge,” he said. “[The Tech Club] is definitely an exciting development for SAFRA. Many SAFRA members are increasingly digital-savvy and connected, so a club like this makes a lot of sense for them to be able to pursue and explore their interests.”

Donald, who is engaged, had a discussion with his fiancée before deciding to become a SAFRA volunteer and chairman of the Tech Club. This was in anticipation of the hard work ahead to establish the club, and adequately cater to members’ expectations moving forward. He expects the club to recruit members in earnest during the first quarter of 2018, organise events and activities, as well as enter into partnerships to provide members with discounts and other privileges. A launch promotion for new member sign-ups will be announced soon.

Dennis, who said his main passion is in esports, has been a SAFRA member for five years, and is looking forward to meeting like-minded people and growing a community through the Tech Club. Similarly, Donald, a SAFRA member since 2008, also said he looks forward to meeting fellow tech enthusiasts through club activities. “It will be awesome meeting people and having SAFRA as the platform to do what we love. It’s an extra bonus for all of us.”


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