Blurry, Double Vision? 7 Tips To Avoid WFH Eye Strain

If you find your eyes becoming more tired and strained after all the months of working from home, you’re not alone.

By Steve Thio      2 April 2021

Less Is Better

Brightly lit computer screens tend to cause eye strain, especially so if you are reading from a screen in the dark. Rule of thumb: if your surrounding light is dimmer than your screen, reduce the brightness of your screen. Close your windows or pull the blinds to reduce surrounding light and glare as well. You can also try and use a matte screen filter which will help reduce the contrast levels of your screen which creates glare.

Blink Blink

Research has shown that people tend to blink less when looking at a screen for long periods of time – sometimes by a third to half the rate!

To avoid strain on your eye muscles, blink for 10 seconds if youre working on the laptop for ten minutes, or 20 seconds for 20 minutes. This helps to avoid reading or staring for too long while working and relaxes your eye muscles. Blinking also helps to keep your eyes lubricated.

Lubricate More

If you read a lot without breaks or spend too much time working in front of a computer screen, your eyes tend to get dry from gazing/reading too long. And dry eyes can worsen with time; it decreases your reading speed which in turn worsens the dryness. Eye drops will help but a better long-term solution would be to limit your time in front of screens.


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