Big Fun In The City

Despite the erratic weather, SAFRA members and their families were out in droves for a fun day at the Padang on CarFree Sunday.

By Angelia Seetoh      10 August 2018

Spending time with the extended family not only brings everyone closer together and forges stronger bonds, it’s also good for your overall well-being! Here are some ways to include extended family time into your schedule, with tips from Families for Life:

1. Family get-togethers

These can range from birthday celebrations or playdates to movie nights. Research has shown that children who spend more time with extended family members grow up with higher self-esteem and self-worth!

2. Short getaways

Plan a short trip nearby where everyone can be present and spend quality time together. Such getaways allow families to explore new sights, go on adventures, and create memorable moments together. If not overseas, how about a staycation instead?

3. Join in a family event

Check out activities for different family types – active, foodie or “chillax”. Take the opportunity to bond with the extended family. Why not start the ball rolling by joining a family event this September school holidays? For creative ideas and useful tips to spend family time, please visit www.familiesforlife.sg.


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