6 Yusheng Platters To Toss Your Way To Prosperity This Lunar New Year 2024

Ready to lohei your way into the Year of the Dragon? Pick from these toss-worthy yusheng platters!

By Mandy Lim Beitler        18 January 2024

Once a year, gatherings of family, friends, or co-workers huddle around the table, chopsticks at the ready. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the first act of the Lunar New Year feast – lohei yusheng. Whether you prefer the traditional version or innovative renditions, here are six toss-worthy yusheng platters to herald the Year of the Dragon on a high note.

Premium 10-Head Abalone Yusheng from Rasa Istimewa Restaurant

Chinese New Year yusheng from Rasa Istimewa

In case you’re wondering if abalones are strange mutants with multiple heads, you’ll be glad to know that the number refers to how many abalones of a particular size make up a jin or catty (roughly 600g). Which means 10-head abalones would weigh about 60g each. Of course, 10 is also a preferred number in Chinese culture, as it signifies perfection.

Halal-certified Rasa Istimewa Restaurant ups the ante with their Premium 10-head Abalone Yusheng. Suitable for a table of 8 to 10 diners, it’s available for both dine-in and takeaway. Alternatively, go for the classic Prosperity Yusheng, which comes in two sizes. The yusheng platters also kickstart a wide range of Chinese New Year dine-in set menus.

$69.80, available from 25 January to 29 February (except 10 to 13 February)

Set menus range from $198++ to $888++; more info at safra.sg/promotions/rasa-istimewa-lny-2024

SAFRA Jurong: 333 Boon Lay Way, #2B-01, Singapore 649848 

Abalone Yusheng from Huo Guo Kung Fu

Yusheng at Huo Guo Kung Fu SAFRA Punggol

In Chinese, the word for abalone is a homophone for “guaranteed abundance”. Hence the shellfish is regarded as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, especially during the Chinese New Year. That’s why you’ll often find the prized ingredient in traditional reunion dinner dishes such as pen cai, and of course, yusheng.

To kickstart your wealth accumulation, Sichuan-style hotpot restaurant Huo Guo Kung Fu is treating SAFRA members to a free Abalone Yusheng this season! Whether you dine in or get your reunion meal to go, simply be one of the first 75 to spend at least $38.80 from 2 February and get ready to toss in a year of abundance. Follow that up with a steamboat reunion dinner to boot!

$38.80, available from 2 to 24 February

SAFRA members receive a free Abalone Yusheng with $38.80 minimum spending; more info at safra.sg/promotions/redeem-a-free-abalone-yusheng

SAFRA Punggol: 9 Sentul Crescent, #02-05, Singapore 828654

Prosperity Yusheng with Smoked Salmon & Chia Seed Specialty Dressing from Paradox Singapore Merchant Court

Chinese New Year yusheng from Paradox Singapore Merchant Court

While wolf herring was the type of fish most commonly used in traditional yusheng platters, salmon has become the fish of choice in recent times, thanks to its vibrant colour and rich nutrient content. The dish also requires a citrus element, often from the likes of lime juice and pomelo sacs, which not only adds a refreshing, zesty flavour but also represents luck.

With these in mind, Paradox Singapore Merchant Court gives its Prosperity Yusheng a contemporary twist by featuring premium smoked salmon. Tying it all together is the Signature Yuzu Chia Seed Speciality Dressing, a unique concoction with a tangy aftertaste to whet your appetite for the courses to follow. It’s also available as part of the Prosperity Bundle reunion takeaway meal.

$68, available till 21 February

SAFRA members enjoy 25% off CNY takeaway goodies; more info at safra.sg/promotions/paradox-singapore-merchant-court

20 Merchant Road; paradoxhotels.com/singapore

Special Charred Lobster Yee Shang with Yuzu Sauce from Crown Prince Restaurant

Chinese New Year yusheng from Crown Prince Restaurant

Given that lobster is literally translated as “dragon prawn” in Chinese, the Year of the Dragon would not be complete without the majestic crustacean on the menu. When displayed, its brilliant red shell also boosts the wow factor in any festive feast. But lobster means expensive, right? Not necessarily.

Because Malaysian zichar specialist Crown Prince Restaurant is introducing the Special Charred Lobster Yee Shang with Yuzu Sauce at a very reasonable rate! They briefly sear the lobster to achieve a charred exterior, thus enhancing the natural sweetness of the succulent flesh within. This imbues the quintessential dish with a unique smoky flavour and aroma. It’s available for both dine-in and takeaway.

From $68, available from 1 to 24 February

#01-01 Aranda Country Club, 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3; Tel: 8801 8111

Ultimate Kinki Yusheng from Kinki Restaurant + Bar

Chinese New Year yusheng from Kinki

If tossing one type of fish or seafood symbolises abundance all year long, then would adding more varieties increase your chances of a windfall? No one knows, but surely hedging our bets can’t hurt. And as all sashimi connoisseurs know, this is where Japanese-style yusheng platters come in.

Crank up the celebrations at Kinki Restaurant + Bar as they serve up the Ultimate Kinki Yusheng. It’s only available for dine-in, but you get triple the prosperity hopes with three types of freshly sliced fish. Salmon, tuna and swordfish are rolled into rosettes and then crowned with salmon roe and flying fish roe. Joining them are crunchy deep-fried crabstick strips, dried wakame, Sakura fish floss, truffle oil and sesame dressing.

$88, available from 1 to 29 February

#02-02 Customs House, 70 Collyer Quay; Tel: 8363 6697

Crispy Golden Eel and Yellowtail Yusheng with Dragon Pudding from Ya Ge

Chinese New Year yusheng from Ya Ge

The ritual of tossing yusheng is such a ubiquitous part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. Yet the version of yusheng as we know it today was really only born in the 1960s in Singapore, which makes it pretty young, as traditions go. And with chefs continuing to innovate every year, who knows how the dish will evolve?

One good example is this Crispy Golden Eel and Yellowtail Yusheng with Dragon Pudding from Ya Ge. Dragon-shaped raspberry-flavoured puddings rest atop crispy strips of eel, yellowtail slices, freshly julienned carrots, radish and pickled ginger. Drizzle on the passionfruit and kumquat dressing and toss away! Available in reunion set menus for both dine-in and takeaway, this is one modern yusheng platter that even the kiddies will love.

From $88, available till 24 February

Level 3, Orchid Hotel Singapore, 1 Tras Link; Tel: 6818 6831

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