6 Yummy Takeaway Menus We Love!

Enjoy these hearty meals without the kitchen mess.

By Kelvin Low      22 February 2021

Cicheti now offers a new seafood range, including the Red Snapper Livornes.


52 Kandahar Street

The Neapolitan pizza is just one of the revamped items on Cicheti’s new menu. Appetisers include the new Zuppa di Cozze e N’duja, sauteed mussels in spicy tomato and white wine sauce.

For mains, ask for the off-menu special Sicilian-inspired Napoletana, circled with dollops of creamy stracciatella, each embedded with its own sliver of white anchovy marinated in chilli flakes and lemon zest.

The “secondi” (second course) menu sees new seafood options, Red Snapper Livornes with firm-fleshed fillet from the Tuscan seaport town of Livorno, served with flavours of the Mediterranean like taggiasca olives, capers, lemon and a spicy tomato sauce. The next new entry, the Zuppa de Pesc, an Italian expression of “bounty of the sea”, is a seafood-of-the-day serving in fragrant tomato-based stew.

Thai-Indonesian cuisine in a Japanese meal format: Meet the Phad Thai Bento.

Bali Thai

Various Locations

Bali Thai has been serving its unique Thai and Indonesian fusion cuisine since 1993. More recently, they have introduced a new range of meals-to-go in Japanese-styled bento sets.

Available in five variants, the pick would be the Phad Thai Bento, which has the chain’s signature Phad Thai with Stuffed Chicken Wings, with sides being the Thai Fish Cake and mango salad. If you are in the mood for rice, they offer the Fragrant Rice with Chicken Basil Leaves, as well as the XO Fried Rice with Chicken Wings sets with the same sides.

The last two bento sets feature fragrant pineapple rice. The Green Curry with Satay bento is served with Thai Green Curry Chicken, satay chicken and spring rolls. A vegetarian-friendly option is served with Sweet & Sour Tofu, spring rolls, vegetarian mango salad, mixed vegetables and topped with cashew nuts.


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