5G Gear For The Crazy Fast Network

5G has arrived and here’s how you can hop on the bandwidth-gon.

By Kelvin Low      25 December 2020

(L to R): Poco F2 Pro 5G and Black Shark 3.



Starting as a smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has since expanded to offer an entire smart ecosystem. On the phone front, the company has been riding the 5G wave with 3 distinct offerings.

The Black Shark 3 is a gaming-focused phone, while the Mi 10 series is built to be a premium smartphone, with the Pro model offering better cameras. Last but not least, the Poco F2 Pro 5G is aimed at value-oriented phone enthusiasts.



D-Link is known for its networking equipment such as wireless routers. The DWR-2101 is a 5G Wi-Fi 6 Mobile Hotspot that allows wireless devices to access 4G LTE or 5G NR mobile networks

This router can provide wireless transfer rates of up to 1200 Mbps in 802.11ac mode and up to 2Gbps in 802.11ax mode, as well as through a 1Gbps Ethernet wire connection. It is powered by a 5260mAh battery which is removable.


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