4 Cool Upcycling Workshops To Bond With The Kids

Add sustainability to the life lessons you impart to your younglings.

By Annie Tan      12 March 2021

Many of us have fond memories of building and fixing things with our dads when we were young. Why not pass this tradition on while teaching eco-friendly ethics? From glass to furniture and terrariums, these upcycling workshops will give you and your brood a good reason to ditch the iPad for an afternoon and flex your creative muscles.

Indeed, once you get the kids started on their renewable art journey, they may begin to see opportunities to create their own upcycling projects in unexpected ways, and reduce wastage and their carbon footprint for life.

Bespoke Glass Art

Create your own tumbler, drinking glass or vase with recycled glass bottles. Art Glass Solution’s Hot Glass Pickups Workshop will give you the rare opportunity to work with hot glass at temperatures of more than 1,000 deg C, and use a blow pipe to create your own unique artwork. This workshop is run by veteran Australian glass artist Barbara Jane Cowie who created the fish installation at Ocean Financial Centre, as well as the bouquet-shaped sculptures with mosaic, mirror accents and glass petals at Changi Airport Terminal 2. The workshop is suitable for adults and kids above the age of 10.

This 180-minute workshop costs $450 for up to two pax. Art Glass Solutions is located at 8 Jalan Tembusu, Tel: 9827 4760. By appointment only.

Build A Terrarium

What better way to celebrate Earth hour this year than by creating a terrarium with recycled materials? Green Sproutz Singapore’s Eco-Terrarium Workshop will provide you and the kids with the know-how and items to find your green fingers and create your own little eco-system. You will receive two air plants, two figurines, pebbles, a pine cone, beverage carton, template and step-by-step instruction sheet.

This 60-minute workshop will take place on 21 March 2021, from 11am to12pm. While the workshop is provided free by Green Sproutz Singapore, participants will have to pay $12 for the cost and delivery of materials.


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