BazGym Gymnastics Shows You How To Do A Trampoline Sit-Drop Like A Pro

It’s amazing what your body can do with just a bit of dexterity and training!

By Sean Yee        28 May 2024

Gymnastics is arguably, one of the most versatile sport variants in the market as it is centred around a key operational skill – flexibility. A more flexible body means better joint mobility, improved posture, and stronger stamina. Almost universally, everyone benefits from enhanced flexibility.

Here, we are joined by instructors from BazGym Gymnastics School at SAFRA Jurong, who share with us more on the importance of dexterity in our everyday lives, as well as some neat tips and tricks to help you execute a signature gymnastic skill!  

Award-winning programmes

Started in 2003, this established gymnastics studio has bagged many years of experience under its belt training some of the nation’s most promising gymnasts. Taught by ex-national gymnasts and gymnastic enthusiasts, the studio’s classes offer a holistic curriculum.

With classes for toddlers as young as 3 years old, you can provide your child with an early foundation in gymnastics, introducing pivotal motor skills that will benefit their athletic pursuits, whatever they may be.

If your child decides to take it to the next level, they can opt for their Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes which are centred around the sport’s technicalities, including manoeuvres like somersaults, handsprings, and cartwheels. Students may even be invited to the studio’s competitive programme which will open up opportunities for him or her to compete in both local and international tournaments.

BazGym kids stretching

That’s not to say that only young kids can partake in this grand sport. BazGym Gymnastics School also has classes designed for adult learners as well as children with special needs to share the various benefits that come from participating in gymnastics, which includes enhanced spatial awareness, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Learn from the best

Don’t just hear it from us!

Today, we have instructors from BazGym Gymnastics School to guide you through a core trampoline stunt – the sit-drop. Meet Salihan and Bruce!

The sit-drop, while seemingly easy, demands a certain level of agility. But thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional gymnast to perform this move. Make sure to stretch regularly so that you can gradually improve your flexibility and form.

Sign up for a class at BazGym Gymnastics School to learn more from passionate instructors like Salihan and Bruce!

BazGym Gymnastics School can be found at SAFRA Punggol and Jurong. 

SAFRA members enjoy 5% off fees, in addition to various perks, such as discounts off holiday camps and priority enrollment. Visit safra.sg/bazgym-gymnastics-school for more information.

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