4 Alternative Ways to Celebrate your Wedding

Love doesn't have to wait.

By Families for Life        3 November 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has derailed the plans of many couples who are preparing for marriage.

Pre-booked, large-scale banquets had to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely; solemnisations downscaled to include only close friends and family,; and destination weddings and honeymoons are now a faraway dream.

Amid Singapore’s Phase 2 of Reopening, from 3 Oct 2020 weddings are limited to 100 people – a situation that is likely to persist in the foreseeable future.

But there are still creative ways to celebrate your nuptials; if you and your better half are open to unconventional ideas. Chances are, they don’t cost you nearly as much as a conventional banquet. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Save the date: Plan a virtual celebration

Put your groomsmen and bridesmaids to task and get your closest pals for an online get-together. Arrange for food and drinks delivery to every invitee. During the session, you may recite your vows and your friends can take turns to share their well wishes. For a touch of fancy, you can even hire a small band to perform remotely while you and your other half enjoy a dance.

If you choose to capture your solemnisation over teleconferencing applications like Zoom, studios now offer photography and video editing services based on the recording.

2. Reach out

If people can’t come to your party, bring the party to them. Dress up in your finest (mask on of course) and hit the road with a photographer in tow. Mark the festivities by bringing cakes and flowers to your relatives and friends, and capture memorable snapshots with everyone you see.

3. Enter the “minimony”

If you prefer to hold off major celebrations until the pandemic blows over, you may opt for a “minimony” (short for mini ceremony), cementing your commitment to each other on your originally planned wedding date. Go out for a special date (or stay home) with family members or close friends and make a formal promise to be each other’s pillar through the good times and bad.

4. Choose your tribe

With a gathering capacity at the wedding reception, many hotels, restaurants and caterers have stepped up to provide smaller packages for couples. The great thing about an intimate celebration is that you can afford more luxurious touches for the venue and food. Alternatively, you can organise multiple meals to celebrate with different groups of family and friends.

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