3Do’s & To-Dos to Start a New School Year Right

Setting off to a great start in school.

By Families for Life      18 December 2020


3. Do Support and Walk With Them

Got a child who’s starting Primary or Secondary 1 next year? Or maybe it’s the all-important PSLE or ‘O’ Levels year? Kids who are in transitional or crucial academic years may feel considerable anxiety and worry over moving on to a new environment or taking a big exam.

To Do: Here’s where Mum and Dad can come in with loads of encouragement and support to walk them through this period of uncertainty! Grab the chance to visit the campus or meet the teachers if your youngster is starting a new school. If it’s a major exam, do a mental walk-through of the preparation work and key milestones – as well as the sweet reward of a well-earned rest waiting at the end!

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