The Coolest Cutting Edge Gear

Meet the crowd-funded specials, available in Singapore now!

By Kelvin Low      18 December 2020

Gadgets don’t always have to be digital, they can be simple everyday objects that have been given some high-tech improvements. Here are some noteworthy gizmos available today.



While there is nothing unusual about a multi function cable, this unique product packs more than just a cable with detachable adapters. Inside its sleek body lies a SIM ejector pin, and nano-SIM compartments.

It doesn’t just end there. It also packs a SD card reader, and a wireless charger which charges your phone while the KableCard is in stand mode. What’s more, it even provides ambient backlighting when connected to a power source.



You may be familiar with RFID-blocking wallets, but here is a card that slips into your regular wallet and protects all cards stored with it. It is effective against all modern RFID/NFC systems operating at 13.56MHz, by using electromagnetic jamming technology.

Best of all, it does not require batteries to operate. It works exactly like a regular RFID card, except that it harnesses the energy to transmit a jamming signal which ensures that nearby RFID enabled cards and identity materials are protected even against very powerful RFID skimmers.



SuperStraps is a gadget which you can retrofit on your favourite everyday backpack to lift its weight and reduce strain. It works by distributing the downward force of the backpack on a larger surface area of your body, which in turn helps to relieve shoulder, neck and back strain.

The pulley system hoists the weight in your backpack closer to your spine. Just pull to activate when your bag starts to feel heavy and you can continue to walk upright with great posture.


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