Winter Wonderlands

Eager for snow and winter fun with your loved ones? Consider these exciting destinations located across five continents and in both hemispheres.

By Teoh Tze Pin      21 December 2018

Lake Bled, Slovenia


Few would disagree if you described Lake Bled as a picture-perfect fairy-tale scene. It is located in Slovenia in Central Europe, east of Italy and south of Austria. Visitors marvel at the magnificent views in and around the crystalclear glacial lake, which is best encapsulated by the little settlement on Bled Island, where the church is the most prominent landmark. Romantics find this an ideal wedding spot, with some indulging in the custom of ringing the church bell – after climbing the tower’s 99 stone steps – for good luck. In winter, even though the lake may freeze over, it remains spectacular.

Andean Mountains, Chile


Another Southern Hemisphere option for a mid-year winter holiday is in South America, along the Andes. Stretching some 7,000km, the world’s longest mountain range forms a natural border between Argentina and Chile. According to experts, these well-coated peaks offer some of the best snowboarding and skiing terrain in the world. To get to one of the more well-known resorts on the Chilean side, such as the Portillo or La Parva, requires just around two hours’ travel by car from Santiago, the capital of Chile. But if you’re pressed for time and have the budget to spare, or just want to feel like James Bond for a while, you can also reach these resorts in some style via helicopter!


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