Volunteer On Vacation

Make a meaningful trip to bring difference to people’s lives.

By Kelvin Low      30 August 2019

We are always looking for a good holiday to take a break from the daily grind, and a holiday for good can be the perfect getaway if you’re inclined to repay the world in kindness. Not do you only get to see the world differently, but also experience the conditions beyond any 5-star resort or hotel can deliver.

To get started, you won’t even have to register yourself with an organization to begin, here are several local outfits that will connect you to an overseas charitable cause. Do have a look at some social outreach programmes and see how you can bring a difference!

Photo credit: STA Travel

STA Travel


Said to be the world’s largest student, young adult and budget travel organisation, STA Travel offers volunteer packages to nearly every corner on earth, while they have highlighted packages to Borneo, Australia, Guatemala, Thailand, South Africa and India on their website. Contact them for more tailored programs and destinations.

Photo credit: Operation Hope Foundation

Operation Hope Foundation


While most charities might require you to form a team, Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) runs an Open Team programme over pre-determined dates as part of our their volunteer programme. This programme caters to individuals or small groups who are interested in volunteering, to form teams big enough to go on house building trips to Cambodia and Nepal.

Photo credit: Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Habitat for Humanity Singapore


Habitat’s overseas Volunteer Programmes Overseas focuses on building safe and affordable houses for families in need of a helping hand. With several projects in Asia-Pacific, the goal is to give needy families access to decent living conditions. One may sign up as a team leader (with or without your own team) or join an Open Team.

Photo credit: Singapore International Foundation

Singapore International Foundation


Their Volunteer Cooperation programmes focus on positive and sustainable development in Asia when one has the chance to volunteer alongside regional counterparts to share expertise and effect change. Current programmes are: “Water for Life”, which is aimed at providing rural communities with access to drinking water and “Words on Wheels” which improves children’s access to books and information. Other projects include healthcare and trainer development.

Photo credit: Project Light

Project Light


With a mission to build a community of volunteers that initiate sustainable health programmes to effect positive health changes among vulnerable communities, this initiative by a group of nurses is aimed at promoting volunteerism amongst Singaporeans and medical professionals. Currently, they are conducting a village outreach programme in Thailand, bringing mobile clinics, food distribution as well as performing home visits to vulnerable elderly living in villages.