United As One

Pledge to spend more time with your family and bond over activities that the whole family enjoys!

By Families for Life      7 August 2020

One people, one nation, one Singapore / that’s the way we will be and forever more. Over the course of the past few months, this song is ringing loud and true in the hearts of Singaporeans. With this year’s National Day celebrations being streamed over live television and online, it will truly be a homely affair! Here are some ways you and your family can celebrate and support the nation from home.

Show your support through “Our Heart for Singapore” project, where Singaporeans are inspired to pledge their commitment to stay united, help others in need, take charge of their own active learning, and build a sustainable future together. A Singapore that stay united will build a better future for all.

Families can also commit to  the Families for Life (FFL) pledges to show your support in building stronger family units and a kinder community. Be inspired by the  two FFL pledges:


A kinder family makes for a kinder community. Pledge to show care and appreciation to your family members and others around you.

Take part and make a donation to the “Red and White” National Day Desserts campaign where FFL is raising funds in support of President’s Challenge 2020. This meaningful campaign features bakers from MINDS who made National Day agar-agar with the recipe contributed by President Halimah Yacob herself! Experience the spirit of giving with your family by supporting this President’s Challenge campaign to Share The Care with others.


Pledge to spend more time with your family and bond over activities that the whole family enjoys! Follow FFL Facebook for updates on the latest online events you can participate together.

Visit www.familiesforlife.sg to pledge your care and dedication for a united Singapore.



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