Travel And Give Back

Philanthropic travel is about taking a meaningful, well-intentioned vacation and giving back when on holiday.

By Roland Quek      4 September 2019
The annual Vertical Marathon, organised by Banyan Tree, is a hugely popular charity athletic event in Thailand.

Dollar-for-dollar Donations

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, one of the world’s leading international operators in the hospitality and spa industry, prefers to avoid basic philanthropy by simply giving money away. Instead, this home-grown hospitality group, which has more than 40 resorts and hotels in 28 countries, prefers to focus on creating long-term value for sectors of society it deems most in need: by setting up partnerships with schools, local communities and government institutions. It has also created another initiative that will connect guests with its philanthropic efforts. In 2001, the luxury Asian resort group set up the Green Imperative Fund, an opt-out donation of $2 per guest per night added to the final room bill of all Banyan Tree guests ($1 for guests of the group’s Angsana, Cassia and Dhawa properties), which is then matched dollar-for-dollar by the chain. This fund is managed by the Banyan Tree Global Foundation, which is the group’s non-profit arm, with a proportion of the donations channelled to social and environmental initiatives.


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