To the Finish Line

Kids and parents overcame hurdles and challenges in an NS-inspired obstacle course at Sprint Kids Xtreme 2019.

By Edmund Wee      11 September 2019

Young families tackled NS- inspired obstacles at the Sprint Kids race held at SAFRA Jurong from 22 to 23 June during the school holidays. In its 10th year since it was incepted as SAFRA Jurong Sprint Kids in 2009, this children’s race has evolved from a simple sprint to a race incorporating obstacles and hurdles emulating the Standard Obstacle Course of the Singapore Armed Forces.

Close to 1,000 participants took part in the event, jointly organised by SAFRA and Families for Life, with over 400 participants in the Parent and Child Category.

This year’s obstacle course features various hurdles – Air Leap, Over and Through, Target Board, a 45-degree rope and rock climb, as well as a horizontal course.

Notably, a brand new aerial obstacle has been introduced this year: the Zipline challenge. Besides the obstacle course, there were the $1 deals on snacks and ice cream, as well as other exciting activities on the basketball court.

Nine-year-old Xin Ying, who was accompanied by her parents, said: “It’s a very fun event for those who like to climb around and experience Army life!”