The TraceTogether Token – All You Need To Know

Don’t leave home without yours!

By Leonard Lau      20 February 2021

However, You Can Request Your Data To Be Deleted

App and Token users can request their data be deleted from the servers. App users need to email support@tracetogether.gov.sg with the mobile number that was used to register.

Token users will have to return it. Instructions on how to return will be given after the user emails the last four characters of his NRIC/FIN/Passport number to the above-mentioned email.

Do take note that you may have limited access to selected venues without the App or Token in the future.

It’s The Size Of A 9-volt Battery

The Token is designed to be convenient and easy to use, and can be easily attached to a lanyard. It’s light and has a life span of six to nine months.

When it’s functioning properly, the green light blinks once a minute. But if you see a red blinking light, this means it’s not working or has low battery. Call the service hotline at 6973 6511 or email support@tracetogether.gov.sg for the latest information on service assistance.

So Why Is There A Need For A Token?

While it’s easy for the Average Joe or Jane who is IT-savvy nowadays, others like the elderly may not be as nimble with their devices. The Token is extremely user-friendly. It’s also designed for those who may not own or prefer not to use a mobile phone.

SAFRA has adopted the use of the TraceTogether Token at all of its clubhouses from January 2021.

Images: The Straits Times


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