The TraceTogether Token – All You Need To Know

Don’t leave home without yours!

By Leonard Lau      20 February 2021

It’s Like Something Out Of The Mandalorian

It looks sci-fi, and once your Token’s QR code is scanned, it summons a squad of Dark Troopers.

Just kidding. Once done, you can proceed into the major public place. No more fussing over your handphone to get the App ready to scan.

Yes, Your Data Is Protected

From the info retrieved, they won’t know where you’ve been. The data will never be accessed unless the user tests positive for Covid-19 and is contacted by the contact tracing team. The data stored on your device is automatically deleted after 25 days.

But Police Are Allowed To Access The Data…

under the Criminal Procedure Code, which allows them to obtain it for criminal investigations.

While stringent measures are in place to safeguard the personal data gathered, only authorised officers are allowed to do so. A new Bill was introduced in Parliament on 1 February, formally restricting the use of personal contact tracing data in police investigations to serious offences including offences related to terrorism, drug trafficking and murder.


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