The TraceTogether Token – All You Need To Know

Don’t leave home without yours!

By Leonard Lau      20 February 2021

“Lace loken?”

Maybe Grandma finds the name a tongue twister. Or maybe Grandpa suspects it’s used to open the boot of a car.

But you know better. Because after reading this, you’ll be able to explain to your grandparents what a TraceTogether Token does and what it’s for, and help keep them safe from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Now that we have finally moved into Phase 3, and the authorities have met the target of 70 per cent of Singapore residents using the TraceTogether app or token, here are a few things you need to know.

Let’s Get Started

The Token is a physical device that exchanges Bluetooth signals with other Tokens or Apps nearby to aid digital contact tracing efforts.

When you collect it, the Token is activated and registered in the user’s name. Then just take it along with you whenever you leave your house.

Like the App on one’s handphone, it only captures proximity data via Bluetooth technology. The encrypted info is kept on the device until the user consents to share it with the Ministry of Health.

Do I Need To Use Both The App And Token? What’s The Difference?

If you are already using the App – for example, keeping the App open in the background and keeping the Bluetooth on – you do not need the Token. You only need one to get notified quickly if you’ve been a close contact of a Covid-19 case.

Use It For SafeEntry Check-ins

The list of major public places accepting its usage is at go.gov.sg/token-venues (non-exhaustive) and will be updated over time.

For places without QR code scanners, you can check in either by scanning the SafeEntry QR code using your phone, or by presenting your NRIC.

However, the use of TraceTogether for SafeEntry will not be made mandatory until everyone has had the chance to collect the token or download the app.


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