The Power of Ideation

Startup innovator Durwin Ho talks about bringing together people with the right ideas to meet the challenges of sustainability.

By Edmund Wee      1 March 2020

Update us on the programme at this juncture.

We are presently at an exciting phase: Our startup participants are going through weekly masterclasses and mentor meetings to refine their products in the run-up to Pitch Day. The startups’ performance on Pitch Day will determine which teams have the potential to continue growing in the programme, and those that succeed will receive a $10,000 equity-free funding boost to further accelerate their growth. This ensures that only the very best gets to pitch on Demo day in late April.

And we’re not done just yet. We will also be running the HyperScale accelerator, the last phase of the HyperX hackcelerator, to drive existing sustainability-driven innovations in the later half of this year.

What are sustainability issues that concern you most? Why?

The devastating scale of global warming has been quite explicit recently as seen from the Australian bushfires. Another issue that weighs heavily on my mind is how the world is responding to the global plastic crisis. Recycling has been the norm for decades but it has largely been ineffective.

How would you tackle the challenge of commercial viability?

I think we should tackle the problem by first and foremost having excellent business fundamentals. Without sound fundamentals, a business cannot survive, let alone expand. Which begs the question: Is a sustainable business really sustainable if it struggles to keep itself afloat? Only by having a good problem-and-solution can a business create positive impact consistently in the long run.


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