Take A Day-Cay On Sentosa!

There’s much fun to be had on a same but different sunny island.

By Chris Ong        14 August 2021

With the COVID-19 situation, the fave SG pastime of taking a holiday overseas, has been curtailed. So what is one to do if you are bored of the urban concrete jungle, filled with wanderlust or just a wish to get away from it all? Head to Sentosa, we say. It’s like taking a vacation without the need of a passport, a getaway that can be done in a day, and in familiar settings so you feel at ease. Plus, there are loads of fun and interesting activities available that you might not get to try on the main isle. Here are 6 exciting reasons why you and your loved ones should take a day trip to this resort island.


Photo: One Faber Group

So You Can Sit In The Clouds

You will be mighty high enough (100 metres above sea level, to be specific) to get a bird’s eye view of Sentosa and parts of Singapore, too. How? By taking the famed Singapore Cable Car (from $25 per adult for a round-trip Cable Car Sky Pass, and $10 per child for a round-trip Cable Car Sky Pass). The Singapore Cable Car Sky Network not only offers awesome aerial views but also links Mount Faber, HarbourFront and Sentosa via its Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line, making this possibly the most scenic and highest route to take around Sentosa. A complete round-trip cable car ride (you can also choose to take a ride on either just the Mount Faber Line or the Sentosa Line; look up the rates online) should take about 28 to 45 minutes, depending on the weather and speed of the cabin, with a maximum of 5 people per cabin for the Mount Faber Line and 6 people per cabin for the Sentosa Line. Or, if you are out with just your significant other, then you might want to check out the Cable Car Sky Dining packages (from $65++ per person) for a romantic dinner date in the sky!


For more information about the Singapore Cable Car, click here or here.

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Photo: iFLY Singapore & Sentosa

To Become Superman

If riding the cable car has whetted your appetite for taking to the skies, then you can try flying. In the world’s largest themed wind tunnel. The 16.5-feet-wide, 56.5-feet-tall state-of-the-art tunnel is located within iFly Singapore, a themed indoor skydiving facility located next to the Beach Station on Sentosa. Each professionally-guided experience (from $79 per ticket) lets you float up 18-feet-tall acrylic glass walls, so you can truly feel like you’re up in the air, with a view of the South China Sea and Siloso Beach. But, make sure to check in an hour before your flight session, and take note of the age limit and conditions before you buy a ticket. Oh, and sneakers are a requirement.


For more information about iFly Singapore, click here or here.

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Photo: Sentosa

So You Can Walk Amongst The Trees

Been to every park, reservoir and hill in SG? Here’s another to tick off your bucket list if you are a nature lover. At 11-storeys high and 181-metres long, the Fort Siloso Skywalk makes for a relaxing, lush (and free) treetop walk amongst greenery with the bae or family (it makes for great Insta-worthy pics, too). The destination at the end of which, another free attraction awaits: Fort Siloso (read below). Note: The passenger lifts at the Skywalk are temporarily closed for maintenance so you might want to plan ahead.


For more information about Fort Siloso Skywalk, click here.

Photo: Sentosa

…And Then Learn About SG’s WWII History

After your refreshing treetop trek, time for a little “edufuncational” activity. Explore Fort Siloso, SG’s only preserved coastal fort that was part of the island’s defences way back when (circa 1880s). Within its military museum, get to look at WWII memorabilia, coastal guns, remnants of fortified military structures and tunnels, and an interactive video documentary, as well as wax figures of Japanese and British soldiers at the Surrender Chambers. It’s free, so make the most of your time here to have yourself and your kids learn more about Singapore’s war time history.


For more information about Fort Siloso, click here.

Photo: Sentosa

For The Playful Little Ones To Play To Their Hearts’ Content

This one’s specially for the kids (ages 2 and above): Nestopia, a large outdoor playground for them to run around in (from $11 per ticket; for a 1-hour playtime and 1 Ice Frozt popsicle). What’s here: 17 different play sections; netted obstacle courses; 3 giant nests hung 7.5 metres above ground; two super-long slides; and great views of the South China Sea and the beach. And, while each ticket also allows for an accompanying adult (only for children below the age of 12), it doesn’t mean you should join in the fun even if you are a kidult. Don’t worry; there are staff onsite to keep an eye out for all them little adventurers.


For more information about Nestopia, click here.

Photo: Skyline Luge Sentosa

To Race In A Cart

Here’s where the whole family can bond by racing against each together. The first luge ride in Southeast Asia, Skyline Luge Sentosa, offers 4 different tracks/trails (Dragon, Expedition, Kupu Kupu and Jungle) for Lewis Hamilton wannabes to drive 3-wheeled Luge carts down, drifting pass hairpin corners, zooming through tunnels and streaking down slopes (from $25 for an adult and $8 for child doubling, for a 2 Luge and Skyride combo ticket). You can also get to chill on the 4-seater chairlift Skyride while enjoying a scenic view of the natural surroundings if speed isn’t exactly your thing. Some extra info and tips: The Dragon trail is the longest at 688 metres; children under 8 years of age are recommended to stick to the shortest 628-metre Jungle (Orange) trail; opt for a Night Luge experience so as to whizz through a lit-up trail and forest; and most importantly, read up ahead on the Skyline Luge Sentosa sites about the age limit and conditions before purchasing your ticket to ride.


For more information about Skyline Luge Sentosa, click here and here.

Featured image: Shutterstock