Upskill, Upgrade And Level Up Your Career Future

Here’s your chance to upskill yourself, hear what our SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme awardees have to say about this sponsorship.

By Sean Tan      25 February 2021

Yes, the sponsorship has motivated me to excel further in my business studies by going back to the books after more than 10 years.

How have you been able to strike a work-life balance and career switch?

This was my third part-time academic endeavour so discipline is key but it was still tough nonetheless!

What advice do you have for SAFRA members who are thinking of furthering their studies?

Look no further to reap the benefits of the sponsorship as a SAFRA member.

Has your experience with the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme encourage you to check out other benefits SAFRA has for its members? If so, share with us how!

Definitely… I am keeping myself abreast of the happenings in SAFRA now.

What are some of the other benefits that you have enjoyed as a SAFRA member?

I have had the occasional visits to the swimming pools and karaoke bars at SAFRA.

Fadoli Raman, 43, Financial Consultant at Prudential
Course: BSc Business
School: SUSS

Prior to applying, how did you learn about the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme?

I found out about the SAFRA Bond-Free Education Scheme sponsorship through social media, from my Facebook account.

Share with us your journey and experience when applying for the sponsorship.

I felt hesitant at first when I applied for the sponsorship as I was not a bright child and I do not have an impressive academic and career track record. I was however encouraged by my recent diploma results, and I told myself to just give it a try, so I submitted the application. When I was selected for the first interview, I was still not confident that I will get the chance to be one of the awardees. Everything changed when I received the email from SAFRA – the first word I saw was ‘Congratulations’ which made me jump for joy. I cried with happiness when I broke the news to my wife. The whole journey has been unbelievable, especially for someone like me who has failed many times in the past and is now being awarded with such an honorable award.


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