Rest, Relax And Read These 6 Books To Ease Your Stressed Mind

Feeling down and out but don’t know what to do? Take a time-out to read these books about taking care of yourself and your mental well-being.

By Chris Ong      20 January 2021

Stuck between a possibly unworkable #WFH situation, an unstable economy, COVID-19, restrictions on activities and your usual set of daily problems, you might find yourself getting bent out of shape, not only body-wise, but also mind-wise. Stop, breathe, and peruse these books about mental health to help yourself deal with all the negative feels.

My Path to Happy

My Path to Happy: Struggles with my mental health and all the wonderful things that happened after
by Charlotte Reed

Start easy with this illustrated book about one woman’s struggle with depression and her recovery. Charlotte Reed recounts her days of battling the illness with assists from her siblings and her journey towards self-love and acceptance. Simply written in a casual, personal tone, and peppered with quirky, kiddish drawings, Reed’s story is easy to dive into, making you feel that you are definitely not alone in your emotions. Caution: It’s best to not adopt her stance to refuse medication, especially if it is needed.

Speaking Up for Mental Health
Speaking Up for Mental Illness: 38 Years of Research on Mental Health in Singapore
by Kua Ee Heok, MD

If you are in the mood for heavier stuff or just want to buff up on your awareness of Singaporeans’ perceptions regarding the more serious issues surrounding mental health, then this is for you. Written by Professor Kua Ee Heok, Chairman of the SAF Psychiatry Advisory Board (and author of 23 books!), this 123-page chronicle covers the research about mental illness over the past 38 years and the endeavours of medical professionals in destigmatising this affliction. As they say, knowledge is power – this information-rich reference might just help you, or help you understand a friend a need.

Yoga for Depression
Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga
by Amy Weintraub

Sometimes, you just need an outlet to ease the troubles on your mind. Renowned yogist and writer Amy Weintraub’s 2003 classic suggests trying yoga. Possibly the first yoga book entirely written about how this traditional and naturalistic practice can aid in alleviating anxiety and other ills, it tells of Weintraub’s own benefits from practising yoga. But, don’t expect to learn actual poses or instructions by flipping through this (it is not a manual). And, don’t assume yoga can resolve all mental wellness-related problems – please approach the right people for aid if you are seriously down in the dumps.

WFH Working From Home

WFH: Working From Home: A Thrival Guide for Challenging Times and Beyond
by Linda Newlin

Written for everyone (especially the TL;DR-oriented people), this is a concise “Fast Read Book” that covers all the bases. From managing stress and increasing your parenting capacity, to improving sleep and emotional intelligence, to even leading “virtual teams more effectively”, this is a practical playbook to turn to for you to navigate work and your personal life in the new normal.

Train Happy

Train Happy: An Intuitive Exercise Plan for Every Body
by Tally Rye

Yes, you can actually get stressed about exercising to relieve stress – from queuing to enter gyms, trying to work off the pounds that WFH has put on you, and so on. Authored by personal trainer and broadcaster Tally Rye, this empowering read puts forward the idea to “spark joy” in your health plan by ditching the restrictive and competitive, diet and exercise regime rules. Instead, Rye outlines her own motivational challenges for readers to not only build up their physical well-being, but also meditation and relaxation exercises for them to feel good.

Do I Matter
Do I Matter? A Journey to Building Your Self-Esteem
by Wong Lai Chun + Samaritans of Singapore

Challenges at work and fears about job security can cause a dent in your confidence, making you doubt your worth. Have a browse through this self-help publication, produced in conjunction with Samaritans of Singapore, a non-profit organisation that focuses on suicide and crisis prevention, to find out how you can rethink about who you are in positive ways and remain resilient through these rocky times.

All aforementioned books can be found at Books Kinokuniya or kinokuniya.com.sg; www.amazon.com; www.bookdepository.com; and other reputable bookstores online. Do I Matter? A Journey to Building Your Self-Esteem, can also be found at epigrambookshop.sg.

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