Remote Adventurer

Adventure travel lets you keep your distance from the crowd while on the go.

By Edmund Wee      12 September 2020

In a world that embraces more social awareness on physical distancing, it’s only normal that people are seeking safer forms of travel. One is adventure tourism, a form that involves connecting with
new cultures and landscapes at a safe distance. Ranging from adrenalin-filled road trips to off-the-beaten-path jungle explorations, the following are some inspirational travel ideas to consider.

Forest Bathing

Originating from Japan in the 1980s as a medicinal practice, forest bathing is associated with long forest treks. Ideal for those who need to detox from urban life and its hectic schedules, this form of travel is said to help lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure and muscle tension, and even improve sleep quality. Places to consider include the lush greenery of Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto and the Nungnung waterfalls in Bali.

Cycling Tour

Cycling is a great way to discover a new destination. Ideal for bike enthusiasts, this type of “slow travel” lets you to take in off-the-beaten-track sights and sounds with a more immersive experience. From the picturesque rice terraces of Sapa in Vietnam to the wilderness reserves in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, two-wheel touring is also great for the environment as it has a relatively low carbon footprint.


If you crave a Robinson Crusoeesque escapade that lets you wake up to the chorus of birdsong in the morning, check out camping. A nature-based tourism activity, it ranges from sleeping in a modest tent to the more upmarket “glamping” accommodation that comes with comfy amenities. Rough it out in the floodplains of the Okavango Delta in Botswana or simply chill out at the luxurious glamping resorts in Bintan.

Caravan Self-drive

From Iceland’s famed Golden Circle to Australia’s Outback, these spots for caravan self-driving holidays are a wonderful way for those keen to explore nature and the great outdoors at their own pace. Such holidays not only allow you and your family to travel to hard-to-reach places, they also combine accommodation and transportation costs.