Patriotic Extravaganza

Celebrate National Day with a day of family fun and food at all five SAFRA clubs island-wide.

By Edmund Wee      16 July 2019

Indeed this year’s NDP is one accompanied by great fanfare. After all, 2019 ranks as a special year in the annals of Singapore history, commemorating Singapore’s bicentennial.

Dress up in Singapore’s national colours of red and white, and partake of SAFRA’s National Day celebrations with pride at all six clubs.

The theme is inspired by how our country has evolved from past to present, calling on all Singaporeans to take ownership of its future and build an inclusive home for all. It also calls on citizens to come together and be pioneers of our future.

As such, this year’s National Day will be truly unlike any other year. And we look forward to seeing you at SAFRA’s Our Singapore “Now and Then” celebrations!  This year, there are a limited number of NDP preview and actual day tickets up for grabs.


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