Old Habits Die Hard: Hidden Gem At SAFRA Mount Faber

A look into the past and the vintage café that collects it.

By Tieffany Freya        7 February 2023

Established in 2014, Old Habits Café is part-vintage shop and part-fusion café, bringing you the best of both worlds, nostalgia and memories from the past, and the modern twist of food in the present.

From old toys and action figures to vintage time pieces and television sets that used to house all your favourite shows, Old Habits Café will bring out your inner child and make you go a little wild.

Today, we take a look into this beautiful café packed to the brim with memories, it’s owner, and what you can expect when you come down to experience this place for yourself.

A taste of past and present

What better way to connect the past and present than with fusion food? Taking classic old time flavours like Tom Yum and infusing them into a delicious yet modern pasta dish.

The Old Habits Café has a variety of western fusion dishes that will get your mouth watering in no time.

Now you might be thinking, with all this fancy looking food, the prices might be hard on the pocket. Surprise! Whether you’re a student or a working adult, the Old Habits Café has something within your budget for you, whether you’re looking to grab a value-for-money meal or indulge a little more.

You could go for the more affordable options like that café’s chicken or smoked duck rice bowls and pasta dishes, or up the ante a bit and treat yourself to something fancy like their wagyu rice bowl!

Either way, Old Habits is consistent with the quality of food and won’t disappoint you when it comes to fantastic tastes and flavours.

Lights, camera, action!

It’s no secret that everything vintage is trending, even amongst those who may have been “too young to remember”. And when it comes to our childhood and the aesthetic of the 80’s we’re all suckers for a good picture to remind us of the good old days.

The moment you walk into the café, you’ll be greeted with the colossal collection of toys, old antiques and signs that adorn the place.

With the vibrant colours and classic vintage look, it’s not hard to see how Old Habits Café would make the perfect backdrop for an impromptu photoshoot with your favourite old school toys or memorabilia in the background.

And if you don’t know what would make for the most aesthetic picture, the café also has a dedicated photo booth area that resembles an old mama shop, a heartwarming sight that will remind you of simpler times where all we worried about was saving up enough pocket money for candy and sweets.

Come and play!

Find something you like? Well good news! Most of the items at Old Habits Café are up for sale and have their prices written on them. If you can’t find them, simply ask the friendly staff for help!

You can look forward to seeing everything from random old toys to signboards and shelves full of vinyls or even McDonald’s Happy Meal toys from way back in the day. Are you lovin’ it yet?

You can rest assured that each item and toy that you see in the café has been curated, cleaned and restored with love and care by the passionate owner behind the Old Habits Café, Donovan Goh.

So come on down and enjoy the trip down memory lane because old habits really do die hard.

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Here’s Donovan showing you how to upcycle a used signboard.