4 Nifty Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Downloadable digital tools to make everyday living just a “tap” easier.

By Chris Ong        11 November 2021

So you’ve got all the super-popular/must-have/can’t-live-without apps placed front and centre on the home screen of your digital device and you want no more bloatware.

Well, you might want to have a rethink and re-org.

Here are 4 lifestyle-enhancing apps that you didn’t know you needed to lead a perfectly (h)appy life.

1. WhyQ Hawker Delivery

An app that’s all about ordering delish hawker eats? Mai tu liao; DL now.

If you already haven’t – WhyQ is supposedly Singapore’s largest hawker food delivery and catering app service, with 2,500 hawker stall partners spread across more than 40 hawker centres and a customer base of over 150,000.

Its popularity and variety of cuisines on offer not enough to convince you? Here’s one top reason why you should stick another food delivery app on your mobile: WhyQ’s got one of the most affordable (if not the lowest) delivery fees in town (from $1.50 and up), with a “no minimum order” option for certain zones.

Photo: WhyQ

Plus, it’s got other great services and initiatives made for businesses and with heart. Its Bulk Orders & Events/Corporate Orders feature takes the hassle out of office catering with its tailored menus – useful for when for work socialisation restrictions are eased. Meanwhile, the Marketplace @ WhyQ is a community initiative with the FairPrice Group to “empower our local F&B community by providing them online access for ordering and delivery solutions at no cost”,

Thumbs up to yummy local nosh for a good cause.

The WhyQ Hawker Delivery app is available on Google Play store and the App store, www.whyq.sg; www.facebook.com/whyqsg; www.instagram.com/whyqsg 

BONUS: SAFRA members get to enjoy $5 off their first order with a minimum spend of $10 (for new WhyQ users), and $2 off with a minimum spend of $10 (for existing WhyQ users). Click here for more information.

2. SNACK by Income

Photo: SNACK by Income

Nope, SNACK is not another food-related app; it’s actually one developed by NTUC Income that enables you to accumulate your insurance coverage and grow your investments – cents and dollars at a time – in relation to your daily activities.

Let’s break down its benefits and how it works for you.

For starters, you can link your Visa card to the SNACK app, use your Visa card for SNACKUP brands, and receive free insurance coverage with every transaction.

Also, convenient: You can purchase micro-insurance by linking your activity sources to the SNACK app – say, your EZ-Link card to the app’s Transport component – and trigger purchases for micro-policies (from as low as $0.30) as you go about your daily life.

For the win, you can choose an amount (even $1) for investment purposes, every time after completing your lifestyle activity, to purchase units of the Asian Income Fund and earn distributions from the fund.

Photo: SNACK by Income

There’s no minimum sum or additional fees for you to get started, just bite-sized gains. The insurance products available include Personal Accident, Critical Illness and Term Life.

As for the SNACKUP brands, there’s Foodpanda, Omakase Burger, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Fave, and even the aforementioned WhyQ. Get munching on its official site for the full details.

The SNACK by Income app is available on Google Play store and the App Store; www.snackbyincome.sg, www.facebook.com/snackbyincome.sg; www.instagram.com/snackbyincome

BONUS: SAFRA members get to enjoy 15% bonus coverage for all products on SNACK. Click here for more information.

3. meWATCH

Photo: meWATCH

Drama addicts, we’re quite sure you know this app for Mediacorp’s digital entertainment service offering live and on-demand content and programmes such as news, sports and, of course, dramas, from the likes of HBO GO, Animax, GEM, and of course, content from its own Mediacorp channels.

Here’s what you might not know.

  1. You can binge-watch the newest local dramas even before they are broadcast on TVs for free.
  2. You can even do so while getting priority, ad-free viewing and unlimited downloads if you subscribe to its meWATCH premium.
  3. Parents can get peace of mind with its rated content control function that aids in restricting their children’s access to NC16, M18 and R21 shows.
  4. Anime fans can get to indulge in the latest anime episodes, with the same-day release as Japan.
Photo: meWATCH

More? There’s too much to cover here, so it’s best you check out the app for yourself!

The meWATCH app is available on Google Play store and the App Store, www.mewatch.sg; www.facebook.com/mewatch.mediacorp; www.instagram.com/mewatch.mediacorp

BONUS: SAFRA members get to purchase a 3-month meWATCH Prime at $17.82 (U.P. $29.70). Click here for more information.


Last, but definitely not least, is SAFRA’s very own mSAFRA app. You’ll get first dibs on the exclusive treats, deals, discount tickets and vouchers available for members.

Aside from serving as your convenient one-tap portal to access all your SAFRA member benefits like updates on car park and swimming pool usage at your favourite SAFRA club, it also houses your SAFRA e-card.

The e-card is the electronic version of your SAFRA membership card. So, instead of bringing the physical card when you head to SAFRA (or worse, forget to bring it), you can simply access the card through the mSAFRA app.

What it does:

  1. provides seamless and contactless entry to SAFRA club facilities such as swimming pools and EnergyOne gyms;
  2. lets you log in to the self-help kiosks at SAFRA clubs quick and easy for all your e-services and transactions such as booking of facilities, registering of activities;
  3. and allows you to check and redeem your SAFRAPoints.

Yes, the always-helpful SAFRAPoints that you can also earn and redeem simply by scanning the e-card at all participating club merchants.

What’s more, you can also flash it at partnering merchants outside of the clubs to enjoy even more perks and privileges (read all about the many merchants and special members-only promotions here).

You should definitely look up the app and e-card here, and download it, stat.

The mSAFRA app is available on Google Play store and the App Store, www.safra.sg; www.facebook.com/SAFRAsg; www.instagram.com/safrasg