New Health Trends For 2020

Here are some of the new trends and return of old favourites that will bring us into 2020.

By Kelvin Low      27 December 2019

Plant-Based Diets

A plant based diet is a diet that involves consuming mostly or only on foods that come from plants, with the occasional meat or dairy products. Plant-based foods are gaining traction locally, with international brands such as Omnipork, Quorn, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are reproducing the taste of real meat using nothing but plants.

Plant based diets are high in fiber, complex carbohydrates, and water content from fruit and vegetables. This may help to keep people feeling fuller for longer and can help to burn more energy when resting as complex carbohydrates will work the digestive system harder.

Photo credit: McDonald’s

The Ketogenic Diet

The most talked about diet fad has to be the Ketogenic Diet, also known as the “Keto Diet”. This diet focuses on low-carbohydrates (carb), high-fat food intake to put the body into “ketosis”, which forces it to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. As such, ketogenic diets are said to help reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, along with other health benefits.

Most people will find it easier to track the amount of carbs and following a certain percentages of calories coming from fat and protein. This fad also brings out the next health fad which is…

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Meal Subscription

The 19th century makes a comeback with a modern twist. With the rise of fad diets, comes the burden of meal preparation. While purists insist that self-prepared meals are the best, health-conscious patrons are spoilt today with many meal subscription services offering plans for those who need to watch their macro intake.

One such meal subscription provider even records your age, height, weight, gender and daily level of activity, to generate a recommended meal plan. Sticking to a strict diet is now a lot easier than you expected!


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