Master These Billiards Skills & Cue Up Your Game At Clique Billiards

Chalk up your cue sticks and let the mental gymnastics begin!

By Sean Yee        14 February 2023

While often thought of as a relaxing bar activity, the game of billiards hides an arena of tactical manoeuvres, prudent calculations and surprising twists. Your mastery of some of its more technical executions will determine the outcome of your game.

Pair intellectual mastery with technical finesse

Opened in January 2022, Clique Billiards at SAFRA Jurong is equipped with the latest Rasson Victory II tables (lauded as high-grade commercial tables used in billiards tournaments), while friendly fellow players and professionals are on hand to teach you everything they know.

Watch Terence, owner of Clique Billiards as he demonstrates three key techniques – draw shots, stop shots and follow shots:

Technique 1: Draw Shot

  • Position your cue tip nearer to the cue ball
  • Aim lower than the centre of the ball
  • Keep your body low
  • Keep your waist straight and uncurled

Technique 2: Stop Shot

  • Ensure you use enough chalk to have plenty of friction between the tip and cue ball
  • Aim and strike at the centre of the ball
  • Aim for a medium hit
  • Finish your stroke all the way

Technique 3: Follow Shot

  • Shape and chalk your tip well before doing a follow shot
  • Keep your cue as parallel to the table as possible
  • Aim slightly higher than the centre of the cue ball
  • Follow through with a nice stroke and do not drop your elbow

Hungry after your billiards game? Grab a bite at one of SAFRA Jurong’s eateries that serve up a host of tempting treats.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing game, or a challenging exchange of skill, Clique Billiards is the perfect sanctuary for both new and experienced billiards players to unwind and let loose. 

SAFRA members enjoy 15% off standard rates at Clique Billiards, SAFRA Jurong. For more information, visit safra.sg/amenities-offerings/clique-billiards. Also till 30 June 2023, use $20 NS55 Credits to receive a $5 return voucher for your next visit, and $50 NS55 Credits to receive a $20 return voucher. More info here.

There’s also a whole myriad of activities and amenities that awaits you at SAFRA Jurong, so be sure to check them out! 

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