Juice Up Your Life!

Don’t just eat your fruits; drink them up, too.

By Chris Ong        28 May 2021

The weather’s hotter than Mala nowadays, so it’s best to keep ourselves hydrated, cooled down and –  since we are going to be slaking our thirsts – our bodies fueled up on vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t exactly your or your picky little kid eater’s fave food to chomp on, then just slurp them up. Blended as smoothies or bottled as cold-press juices, it’s a convenient and delish way to keep you in the pink of health by gulping down the colours of the rainbow. Start your juicy-licious journey with these 4 fruit drinks specialists.

(Just FYI: Cold-press juices are the liquids of fruits and vegetables extracted slowly through a hydraulic press that exerts tonnes of crushing pressure to turn such produce into pulp that are then pressed. These juices undergo this process without using any additional heat or oxygen so as to retain a maximised yield of enzymes and fresh nutrients.) 

Juix Up (2)
Photo: Juix Up Facebook

Juix Up

The people behind Juix Up take health and eco-conscious causes seriously. The proof is in the juicing; they use tried-and-tested family-loved recipes; produce 100% natural, raw, unpasteurised and preservative-free cold-pressed juices; and have even partnered up with SG social enterprise UglyGood to channel their post-production fruit pulp into animal feed for local zoos. The fact that the brand has provided its cold-pressed juices for various events for companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Kate Spade and Coach just shows how much Juix Up is trusted and beloved for its thirst quenchers.

And what a slew of thirst quenchers it has, categorised according to the health benefits they purportedly bestow. Health and looks matter to you? Then the bright pink Tropic Frolic (watermelon, pineapple and passion fruit) from the Go! Glow series should keep you and your skin, and digestive and immune system, happy. Parents, pick the vibrant green Popeye Riser (spinach, pear, orange, cucumber and romaine lettuce) from the kid-friendly GO! Clean series to help your LO build up his or her heart, skin and bone health. Or, just pick from any of its other 20-plus offerings, from Go! Cool (coconut water drinks) to even not-fruity, non-dairy alt-milk Go! Energy mylks, and more.

Order online at Juix Up, juixup.sg; www.facebook.com/juixupsg; www.instagram.com/juixupsg

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MouGou Juice
Photo: MouGou Juice Facebook

MouGou Juice

The story behind the mother-daughter biz MouGou Juice is a heartwarming one. In 2009, Singapore underwent a financial crisis, and LouMou (the mum) was so badly affected, she was left with only $800. Undaunted, she started up a humble coffee shop fruit stall. Over time, LouMou got more involved and passionate about the art of fruit selling and juicing, with her customers helping to spark joy in her with their tales of how her juices had helped with improving their health. AhGouGou (the daughter), who helped LouMou out at the stall sporadically, would soon come to experience the same joy her mum did. And the rest, as they say, is history. Armed with their newfound TGIF motto – Thank God It’s Fruits (so clever) – the duo now aims to help more people lead a healthy life via fruit juices.

Their story continues with the plethora of goodies they offer via the MouGou Juice website. From cold-pressed juices to smoothies, fresh fruit treats to nut mylks, it’s a haven for healthy fruit and drink lovers. What we recommend: the colourful fruit platter that serves 5 to 7 with a sliced-up mix of papaya, watermelon, pear, mango, kiwi, red dragon fruit and more (perfect for large households); the Eye Power smoothie (beets, blueberries, banana, carrot, ginger and green apple) that is said to help with improving the energy level and eye health of those who are constantly WFH, staring at screens; and the Icy Onglai You cold-pressed juice (pineapple, cucumber, pear and fresh mint), because one, we love the name, and two, it is both refreshing and “cooling”.

Order online at MouGou Juice, mougoujuice.com; www.facebook.com/mougoujuice; www.instagram.com/mougoujuice

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Boost Juice (2)
Photo: Boost Juice Facebook

Boost Juice Bars

Anyone who loves their fruits, juices and/or smoothies, would know of Boost Juice. And even if they don’t, they would have heard of it – Boost Juice is one of Australia’s most popular juice bars (with some 500 stores in 13 countries and it’s still expanding). Founded by Aussie entrepreneur Janine Allis (she opened the first bar in Adelaide in 2000 – with zero business experience), Boost Juice was brought into Singapore in 2011 by half-Malaysian, half-Singaporean Dr. Soraya Rahim Ismail and is now found in almost every urban mall on the isle. Talk about boosting a juice-based business!

There is one definite reason for its success – its drinks are tasty to the max. In fact, they are so packed with ingredients and full of flavour, they qualify as dessert drinks. For instance, its Cookies & Cream is made of cookie crumbs, ice, low fat milk, sorbet and vanilla yoghurt; and its Strawbrekkie Protein is a pretty-pink blend of apple juice, banana, blueberries, ice, oats, strawberries, strawberry yoghurt and whey protein; while the King William Chocolate contains banana, ice, low fat milk, vanilla yoghurt and, yes, actual chocolate. Plus, it is constantly coming up with newfangled concoctions; its latest festive mango-based offerings include Mango Coconut Lychee, Mango Razzleberry and Mango Crush Berry. Watching your sugar intake or have dietary concerns about the milk and yoghurt used? No worries, the bars also knock out fresh juice blends like Veggie Juice (carrot, celery, chia, cucumber, ice and orange) and 5 A Day Juice (beetroot, carrot, celery, freshly juiced apple, freshly squeezed orange, ice and Vita Booster, a vitamin and minerals booster).

Boost Juice Bars, multiple locations, www.boostjuicebars.com.sg; www.facebook.com/boostsingapore; www.instagram.com/boostjuice_sg

EGA Juice Clinic
Photo: EGA Juice Clinic Facebook

EGA Juice Clinic

It’s not just about juices per se, but a whole holistic diet and lifestyle revolving around juices, with the central idea of regarding food and drink as your medicine for a healthy life. It’s a belief that stems from co-founder, Sumit Nanda’s own experience in resolving his migraine and other ailments through Ayurveda-based dextoxification and diet. Think of it as similar to the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” idea, but more intense, with strong historical and cultural backing, with a load of benefits and definitely, way more yummy.

In fact, the co-founder is so devoted and passionate about promoting awareness of preventive healthcare that he’s augmented his juice biz with more services and products. But, first, the cold-pressed juices: The bestsellers include its Hardcore Green (power-packed with so much herbaceous and plants-based goodness such as fennel, mint, basil, parsley, coriander and moringa that vege-lovers would go, erm, nuts over), as well as mood-aiding drinks such as Joy (a blend of pear, mint, ginger, pineapple and ginger for relaxation and digestion) and Tranquil (made with pineapple, apple, cinnamon and turmeric for stress relief). And, if these juices aren’t enough, you can also stock up on fruits such as Alphonse, Kesar and Langra mangoes, and organic amla (Indian gooseberry); beauty products such as Wild Turmeric Face Wash, Saffron Oil facial oil and Natural Hair Cleanser powder that’s made with ingredients such as coconut shell powder, shikakai (for hydration) and fenugreek (for nourishment); and power shots such as the Ukon No Chikara (to help deal with hangovers) and Natural Decongestant (black pepper, honey, lemon, cayenne, Indian thulsi, ginger and turmeric). To top it all off, EGA Juice Clinic even offers a 60-minute in-person/online consultation with an Ayurveda expert for a 30-day diet and lifestyle plan for $100! As we said, wholesome juices, holistic lifestyle.

EGA Juice Clinic, multiple locations, ega.sg; www.facebook.com/egawellness; www.instagram.com/egawellness