It’s Time For Log Cakes

Meet 2020’s fresh flavours for the festive cake.

By Kelvin Low        5 December 2020

Burning a Yule Log, known as the “Bûche de Noël”, is a Christmas tradition that dates back to the 19th century in France. Families would burn the special log starting on Christmas eve. The burning symbolises the new year to come and welcomes good luck to the family. Today, the log is presented as a delicious log-shaped sponge cake in an assortment of flavours.

We’ve scoured Singapore for these mouthwatering confections, because really, we all deserve a treat for making it through this difficult year.

L-R: Sticky Chewy Log, Confetti Fireplace. Image credit: Swensens

Confetti Fireplace Cake


This is made with Cereal ice cream, a new and Christmas exclusive flavour. This celebratory cake is coated in chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate ‘firewood’. If you’d like to try the ice cream on its own, Cereal Ice Cream as well as another Christmas special, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream, are available in takeaway pints. Also, consider the other Chtistmas specia, the Sticky Chewy Log.

Image credit: Goodwood Park Hotel

Ivory Christmas Celebration Log Cake

Goodwood Park Hotel

As part of its 120-year anniversary, Goodwood Park Hotel has introduced this Christmas special which is embellished with gold flakes and chocolate pastillas snowflakes.
A Napoleon cake with roasted macadamia nuts and lemon crémeux is blanketed in creamy Valrhona ivory chocolate mousse. The white chocolate sheets are hand-trimmed to form Goodwood Park Hotel’s Grand Tower wing.

Image credit: Cat & the Fiddle

Raspberry Chocolate Logcake – Fantasy In The Woods

Cat & the Fiddle

Resembling the timeless classic but with a twist, this roulade (rolled pastry) creation is made with velvety chocolate cheese that is filled with hazelnut crisps and a tart raspberry mousse centre. It’s a log cheesecake, but wrapped in almond sponge.

Image credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Cajette de Fraises

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

A vanilla sponge log cake, but with fluffy honey yoghurt mousse layered atop strawberry confit jam and decked with juicy strawberries. It’s crafted to resemble a crate and even comes with an edible border made from white chocolate.

Image credit: All Things Delicious

Chocolate Crunch Log Cake

All Things Delicious

A crunchy filling and premium gianduja chocolate, this glistening chocolate log cake is covered in a chocolate glaze and topped with pretty chocolate snowflakes. It’s made with unrefined sugar, cage-free eggs, cultured butter, and is free from artificial colours or flavours. Also check out their other Christmas specials: Carrot Log Cake, Mango Passionfruit Log Cake.

Image credit: Ange Bakes Keto

Christmas Keto Chocolate Log Cake – Chocolate Ganache

Ange Bakes Keto

What if you want to chomp on sweet cakes, but worry about sugar intake? This dark chocolate sponge cake roll with chocolate chantilly cream is covered with their special Nama Chocolate ganache. Ingredients used are: Almond flour, butter, heavy cream, eggs, 90% dark chocolate, natural sugar substitute erythritol and allulose.