Guys Who Bake: These 7 Singapore Home Bakers Are On A Roll

These local male bakers dish out scrumptious confectionery from their homes to yours.

By Michelle Tan      16 March 2021

Homemade baked goods have been rising in popularity (along with buying plants and exercising at home) since the start of the pandemic, which has in turn led to a surge in home bakers. In fact, a couple of businesses on our list were started during the Circuit Breaker period, while others began years ago out of their founders’ sheer passion for baking.

Armed with spatulas in hand, these guys whip up outstanding small-batch cakes, cookies and bread that have garnered legions of fans across the island.

The BBC Sg

Playfully named after its speciality, the Basque burnt cheesecake, The BBC Sg was founded by Daniel Tan, 30. Unfortunately retrenched a month into his new job amidst the pandemic, he found a new endeavour in baking, which coincidentally started as a hobby during the Covid-19 period. He started operating in May 2020, first offering the signature Original 8 inch BBC. Since then, he’s expanded his repertoire with a series of interesting cheesecake flavours for different occasions, like Pandan Kaya Cheesecake for National Day, and Daddy’s BBC, a layered chocolate cheesecake for Father’s Day, a cheese butter cookie for Chinese New Year as well as chocolate brownies.

What To Try:

Obviously, the Basque burnt cheesecake is a must-order. But you’ll also want to go for its Blackout Brownies (six in a box) that come in an array of flavours – think Sea Salt, Biscoff Speculoos, and Nutella & Hazelnut. We’ve personally tried them and they’re dark, decadent and seriously sinful.

How to order: Send a direct message (DM) via their Instagram page.

Elijah Pies

Chances are you may have spotted their artisanal dessert pies on your social media feed. Started in 2014, Elijah Pies was quite literally born out of love – founder Elijah Lim first rolled up his sleeves and delved into baking to satisfy his girlfriend’s sweet tooth. His first attempt? A Nutella pie, which subsequently culminated in the inception of Elijah Pies.

What To Try: The best-seller is, of course, the Nutella Pie (from $45). But he’s also dreamt up other gorgeous, droolworthy confections, including an aesthetically-pleasing Wild Berry Lavender Pie (from $52) that’s delicately perfumed with lavender and boasts a buttery crust topped with fresh yoghurt and real berries.

Instagram: @elijahpies

How to order: Via this order form


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