Gameboy Made Good

From kampung kid to founder of mobile games publisher, David Ng tells all.

By Edmund Wee      1 September 2020

With this being our Play & Adventure issue, we are excited to know more about your most memorable and interesting adventure to date.

I was the first distributor of the Creative Technology Game Blaster in Russia. Another memory dear to me would be my joint venture with Linksys USA CEO, and I founded Linksys Asia.

As a father of four, what are the things you enjoy doing most with your family?

I enjoy playing games with my boys, especially during the pandemic, where we are always at home. Before that, I really enjoyed bringing my family out to different restaurants to try new food or on annual trips abroad to discover new countries and cultures.

Are your children gamers?

[Chuckles] I guess it is “like father like sons” for my children. They are passionate about gaming and love Call of Duty and Mobile Legends. They also like the Resident Evil series. My wife loves Acid Solitaire and my new puzzle game, Beswitched.

Any advice for aspiring game developers?

My mantra is: “Do what you love and love what you do.” Passion is very important in this industry. You often see graduates from game development or art and design courses come together to build indie studios without realising how difficult this industry is. We need to have perseverance and the resources to be able to fail fast and recover fast, and to keep trying. But before you embark
on this, ask yourself: Can you make a product that is better than those already out there? Gaming is a hit-and-miss business. Just like in my previous companies, I had to launch many games before we finally got a hit.


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